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air226 03-22-2005 5:50 PM

Heya, I just bought 'Overdue' and I really like the intro song. Does anyone have any idea what its called? It's in the trailer in the beggining too, which can be found here: <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.boardflix.com/trailers/overdue.mov" target="_blank">http://www.boardflix.com/trailers/overdue.mov</a> <BR> <BR>Thanks guys!

gunz 03-22-2005 6:04 PM

Link didn't work for me.

air226 03-22-2005 6:46 PM

hmm you just gotta let it load, if it doesnt try goin to <a href="http://www.boardflix.com/trailers/" target="_blank">http://www.boardflix.com/trailers/</a> then goto overdue.

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