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wannagowakin 03-21-2005 8:06 PM

Next week I'll be goin to Clinton Lake over spring break, anyone else starting up yet

wkbrderx5 03-22-2005 8:23 AM

<a href="http://forums.wakeboarder.com/viewtopic.php?t=10067&amp;postdays=0&amp;postorder =asc&amp;start=700" target="_blank">http://forums.wakeboarder.com/viewtopic.php?t=10067&amp;postdays=0&amp;postorder =asc&amp;start=700</a> <BR> <BR>check that out.. i used to ride there but moved up to chicago, good luck

wannagowakin 03-22-2005 4:15 PM

how windy does it have to get for it to be unridable?

wkbrderx5 03-24-2005 4:08 PM

thats up to you how butta or not so butta you can handle, but the lake is well protected across from the beach.

wannagowakin 03-24-2005 7:21 PM

i can handle alot, it dont need to be perfect, how well protected is the warm part <BR>

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