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ponyh8r 03-11-2005 8:30 PM

I was wondering if anyone has had this happen. I added a subwoofer to my 21I last week and ever since then only the front two speakers in the boat work and the Sub does not work at all. I have had several people tell me that it is a setting on the Clarion deck, but I have not figured out what the setting is. Can anyone offer any advice? <BR> <BR>Mike

talltigeguy 03-11-2005 9:32 PM

You will probably need to tell us how the rca jacks are all wired. I assume you have the XMD3? How many amps? Don't forget the turn on wire to the sub amp. Are the rear cabin speakers on an amp as well?

ponyh8r 03-12-2005 7:25 AM

Sorry, <BR> <BR>I do have the XMD3. I have twoamps, one for the sub and one for the cabin speakers. There are a total of six cabin speakers, two in the bow and the rest in the main hull area. All six speakers run off of the stock clarion deck. Only the front two are working however. As for the sub, the turn on wire is connected and the amp turns on just fine. The sub itself plays but it does not play loud at all. It doesn't "Hit" like a sub should. It looks like they ran the other amp (The one for the sub) off of one of the two remaining RCA jacks from the deck directly. The amp is bridged and therefore I can not help but think that it is settings on the radio.

talltigeguy 03-12-2005 7:58 AM

My XMD3 has 3 sets of RCA jacks - a front, rear and sub. For reasons I never have figured out, the sub output is not very good. It can be changed to adjust the crossover and it still never has sounded very good (just like you describe). What I did is change the RCA jacks marked 'sub' to be the same as the rear output and control the crossover at the amp, not the head unit. The owner's manual is worhtless for many things, but does explain how to do this. <BR> <BR>I would try that first and then see if your sub works normal

planetnautique 03-12-2005 9:02 AM

Not a Tige owner, but I might be able to help. <BR> <BR>The Clarion XMD-3 does have three sets of RCA plugs on the back, but the ones that use RED WIRE are INPUTS. Do you have your sub/amp connected to those? If so, there's your problem. The ones with the arrows below are the inputs on the XMD-3. <BR> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65921/216808.jpg" alt="">

planetnautique 03-12-2005 9:06 AM

The following will restore the programming of the rear RCA pre-amp outputs to full frequency range. <BR> <BR>1) Press and hold "Title/ADJ" button for two seconds <BR>2) Use "SEARCH" button to scroll through the menu until the display reads "SW LPF". <BR>3) Press the "VOL UP/DOWN" button to engage "REAR" full frequency range audio signal. <BR>4) Once the desired adjustments are completed, press "TITLE/ADJ" button to exit program menu. <BR> <BR>WE HAVE BEEN ADVISED THAT IF THE BATTERY SOURCE IS DISCONNECTED FOR MORE THAN 48 HOURS, THE RE-PROGRAMMING IS LOST. <BR> <BR>IF A BATTERY IS REMOVED FOR WINTER STORAGE, THE RE-PROGRAMMING WILL BE NECESARY AGAIN IN THE SPRING."

bog 03-12-2005 9:14 AM

The "T" button on the faceplate. Hold it in and use the up down arrows to change the input so the rear is on. On some of the head units if you disconnect the battery it resets it to front input only. I hope this helps! <BR>

talltigeguy 03-12-2005 5:31 PM

Nautique Jeff is on the money, sorry for being incorrect. I was trying to do it from memory and...I was only partially right. <BR> <BR>There are three sets of RCA jacks. On mine, the black set is labeled 'subwoofer'. I had that to my sub only and it sounded bad when it was programmed to be a subwoofer output. I did what jeff said and got much better sound and can control the crossover at the amplifier. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by talltigeguy on March 12, 2005)

ponyh8r 03-12-2005 6:43 PM

Thanks for all the replys. I tried the "T" button and set the speakers to rear, but they still did not work. I might have a bad deck or maybe the fuse went on it. I will have to check it out tomorrow. Took the boat out today and it is no fun boarding without music! Thanks again.

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