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balance 03-07-2005 4:30 AM

Hi! <BR> <BR>This summir I am going to buy a wakeboard boat.. But I can not deside what boat is the best for me! I want a boat for wakeboarding and wakesurfing.. Can anyone help me with what brand/type of boat to buy? I have looked at mastercraft, malibu and ski natique... <BR> <BR>I need to buy a boat from Germany.. <BR> <BR>Here is the leading page for boats in germany.. <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.boatshop24.com/web/en/suchen/m/index.htm" target="_blank">http://www.boatshop24.com/web/en/suchen/m/index.htm</a> <BR> <BR>I can afford 19000 EURO.. I also need to buy a tower, but I need to find a boat first :p <BR> <BR>I hope somone can help me with this. <BR> <BR>Christopher Brandsdal

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