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oneway 03-06-2005 7:20 PM

In the dvd Running On Empty for a section with Brian Grubb they have a pretty chill song. At the end the DVD the give credit to all of the other songs but that one. Just wanted to know the band and the name of the song. Thanks for your help. <BR> <BR>Adam

malibuboarder75 03-06-2005 8:29 PM

also, what is rusty's song? The band is cursive, but they dont give the title.

hyperlitenrd 03-06-2005 8:40 PM

Rusty's song is art is hard and I cannot find brian grubbs song anywhere, if you have an idea of the band, i can do a better search.

oneway 03-06-2005 8:52 PM

it just says "classified" for the song name and title, that's all I got. It is a hip hop song if that helps <BR>

hyperlitenrd 03-28-2005 1:51 PM

hey I just found the song, the artist is classified, and the song is why, here is the page: <a href="http://www.urbnet.com/classified/go.html" target="_blank">http://www.urbnet.com/classified/go.html</a>

miles_long 03-28-2005 2:18 PM

I do not see a song titled "Why" from Classified. What album is it on?

hyperlitenrd 03-28-2005 2:25 PM

whoops sorry thought I had linked right too it, the album is Unpredictable, you can find it in the discography

miles_long 03-28-2005 2:35 PM

Yea that's it, kwl. <BR>Thanks

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