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tommyg 03-05-2005 4:49 PM

Any ideas to help me out before i take it in? <BR> <BR>I've been pulling my boat out of the garage every three weeks or so and running it with the fake-a-lake during the winter months. Today, i went out there to start it, and all i get is a click from the engine compartment. I'm assuming the batteries are ok, as i have two of them, and they seem to be firing up the stereo just fine, but let me know if there is anything i should check before bringing it in to the dealer. Thanks.

big_xstar 03-05-2005 4:57 PM

Check the safety lanyard for the ign. It is something so basic but sometimes gets bumped off. <BR>But since you are saying it just "clicks". It may be a starter problem. Try having someone tap on the starter with like a small hammer while you turn the ig. over. If it starts, its def. the starter. If not, make sure the engine is not hydro locked by seeing if you can turn the engine over by hand(put a socket and use a breaker bar or big ratchet and turn clockwise).Should be able to be spun with some resistance though. <BR>Good luck--hope for the best. <BR> <BR>O yea--dont forget that basic's like checking all the battery cables. Make sure there tight. Sometimes the cables will be tight enough to run the stereo and other acc. but when the ign. is turned to start it just shuts down. Check all the battery and cable connectors. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by big x-star on March 05, 2005)

wannagowakin 03-05-2005 7:52 PM

solenoid? our centurion just clicked sometimes, sometimes it'd start, changed the solenoid and everythings good now

scooterx 03-06-2005 5:57 AM

It could be a dead spot on the solenoid so I agree with everything said above. However, I'd charge up the batts first. The may be a little weak from sitting. Have you had them on a maintenance charger? They may have enough power for the stereo but not enough to crank the engine.

rvh3 03-06-2005 10:59 AM

I think Thomas H hit the nail on the head.

deltadave 03-07-2005 5:06 PM

You can try to tap the solenoid with a hammer while someone else turns the key ... if it starts, replace the starter because it will leave you stranded on the water. Did you ever get 5-6" of water in your bilge last fall? If the starter got wet at all, you'll probably need a new one.

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