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hyrific 03-04-2005 9:28 PM

I am looking at a 2001 tige 2300 and I would like any opinons on this boat as I know little about the wake I have never rode behind one before and I hear the new hull is much different. anyway Any posts as to if they liked it or not would be awesome. Your posts will deff sway my decision because I am also looking at a supra 22 ssv as well. feel free to say what you must say!!

wakinbakin 03-04-2005 11:33 PM

is the supra new or used? We have a 22ssv gg and it handles very well and puts out a very big wake. Also the soft tanks are great because when they are empty they dont take up space like some regular hard tanks but on the other hand most tige's dont need ballast. I have been behind both and find them to be very comparable. The tige has a little more room inside but the supra seems to have a nicer finish.

hyrific 03-05-2005 5:08 AM

Thanks for the post I'm not sure if I am into the two swival chairs in the tige is there any real advantage to this over just having a big bench? also the supra would be a 01 or 02 as well. I bet that GG throws a monster!

will5150 03-05-2005 9:53 AM

I own a 2001 21V Tige and love it. The wake's great- I know there are a bunch of people that post on this site that get VERY picky about the quality of the wakes behind their boats and yes it can make a difference. HOWEVER, MOST of us are not professionals- I am trying like H.E. double toothpicks just to land a 360 and the wake is not the issue. I can get serious air and fly way out into the flats behind my boat ( No ballast by the way). I've been behind Nautiques, MB's Malibus and Mastercrafts and they're all really good. I am sure the Supra is fine too. I would make your decision based on how you like the boat on the water and how good the local service shop is for each boat. Our Supra shop in the area was not that good when I bought my boat so I didn't even consider it. Either boat is going to be very large, heavy and eat gas like you won't believe. The swivle seats are nice if you're just doing a lot of cruising around too, but again I don't think this would be my first criteria for boat selection. Have fun with either boat- the Tige's a great machine though and I am sure you'll be happy with it for many years.

wake_eater 03-06-2005 7:51 PM

i have a 04 SSv with the GG bags. it throws a huge wake! i love supras & this is my third boat from skiers choice. i really cant give an opinion on tiges since i've never rode in or behind one. my best advice is go with the dealer that has the best rep. oh yeah, and you cant go wrong with a supra.

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