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jeffry 03-04-2005 5:13 PM

Wonder ing your opinions on these 2. Not sure which I will go with. The W7 is too much money, and needs way too much power. Please let me know your thoughts.

mike_t 03-04-2005 7:33 PM

I just finished the instal on my 12w6v2 and love it. It's run w/ a 600/1bd Fosgate amp and rattles the boat. I know it can't compare to some of the other systems on this board, but like you said the W7 needed too much power. As it is now, I have had to add a third optima blue top and my alternator is being rewound (from 50 amps to 125 amps)as we speak. Before the third battery and alt, the volt meter on the dash would bounce w/ every bass beat. I have no experience w/ the kicker stuff, although I here its good. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by mike_t on March 04, 2005)

whitechocolate 03-04-2005 7:47 PM

I would go with the W-6 over the Kicker

jeffry 03-05-2005 6:37 PM

Thank you for the tips guys. I have heard the JL, I just need to hear the L-7.

timber 03-05-2005 9:51 PM

I would go with the JL. Most of my friend run JL subs, and they sound awesome.

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