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shewakes 03-04-2005 9:21 AM

Hey I was just wondering if anyone from the Bay Area was planning on going to Arena Cross this weekend.

ashly 03-11-2005 8:58 PM

I wish!

poser007 03-19-2005 2:52 PM

Whats arena cross? is that motocross

nlitworld 03-21-2005 8:39 PM

Arenacross is awesome. Tight tracks, lots of racing throughout the night, and some of the closest action found with motorcycles. Plus it's a lot of fun to actually ride as well. I can't wait til Seattle Supercross, since it's back again after a long stretch since the Kingdome went down.

04-14-2005 4:01 PM

hey... go to the "i finally got my bike thread" I posted a pic of my bro racing AX. <BR>

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