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marz 03-02-2005 6:14 PM


wake_upppp 03-02-2005 6:43 PM

Not sure about the length, but the Air and Super Air are the same hull, but the Pro air has a different hull and is not that desirable from what I've been told. Not totally sure but this is what I've been told.

itrynwake 03-05-2005 3:47 PM

the difference between the air and the pro air is the hull and ballast tanks... the pro air comes standard tanks, air is an option. <BR> <BR>

milehighrider 03-06-2005 7:52 AM

i believe there is also a difference in the hull design. i think that the air hull is the same as a ski boat line, with a tower and ballast. kind of a cross over boat. the pro air has the same hull and the super, directed more towards wakeboarding

kybool 03-06-2005 8:00 AM

the pro air does not have the same hull as the super. I am pretty sure they only made the pro air for like two years and then discontinued it. The pro air was also a DD cross over boat. It's hard to compare to what you are calling an "air" because there are so many different models of air nautiques. They only made the "air" for the first few years then they branched it off and started making the super air, the pro air, the air 206, etc., etc. so it depends what year and model you are refering to. If you could be more specific it would helpful. You can also try planetnautique.com

laptom 03-06-2005 8:50 AM

Until 2002 the Air is the same hull as the Super Air. From 2003 there were 196-206-216 Air d-drives. The Pro-Air is build from 1999-2001 and had a completly different hull, specific for wakeboarding.. Unweighted trows a great wake but doesn't respons as good on weight as the "normal" Air... Both we 21ft. There was also a 196 Air made from 2001 and further (19ft)... You cannot go wrong with either of them..

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