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surfer6bt6 02-27-2005 12:18 PM

Hey I will be going to Florida State in the fall and was just wondering what type of boat they have and how often you get to ride. Any other info would also be nice. Thanks

lfwrider 02-28-2005 7:44 AM

Right now we have a 2000 Sport Nautique with a tower and a good bit of weight. The wake is good. We ride Tuesday-Friday from 2-6. Everyone on the team gets about 2+ rides per week. If you want more info, e-mail me at <a href="mailto:kyleprawdzik@yahoo.com">kyleprawdzik@ yahoo.com</a>

duffy 02-27-2006 4:53 PM

Looking for a pull in Tallahassee. I thought maybe you guys might know someone. I have all my own gear and gas money. Thanks duffy.

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