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ramhouse 02-19-2005 7:19 PM

i got a Prostar190...want to know if anyone has surfed behind one. wake looks ok..i'd like to know before i buy a landlock, <BR>tkx

ndh2o 02-20-2005 8:48 AM

I used to surf behind my 88 PS190. You really have to load it down though. Rub rail was definitely under water. Kind of a scary feeling first couple of times seeing the boat that low. Also be careful stopping/turning to pick up rider. The wave can easily come over the back if you stop quick. You need to slowly strat pulling back the throttle.

andyvansicklen 02-22-2005 11:17 PM

I do it almost everytime i go out and i have a 97 prostar 190. You dont need to put that much weight, i use 550 in the back, 250 on one side and 2-3 fat friends. Also the board you use has alot to do with the ease of surfing. I have a 4'8" Broadcast which seems to be about the perfect size for our size wake. The landlock is a great cruzer but not a necessity to learn with and almost impossible to do any tricks on. I work at a boat dealership so im going to take out the coex as soon as we get a nice day in nor-cal (the new tornado alley). Ill keep you posted, but a landlock should be no problem, the 05 should surf on anything but a ripple, but you need a kneeboard rack to put it on your tower. Id go with an 04 landlock to cruze, or an 04/05 4'9" broadcast to do tricks on. Also perfect pass would really help dial in the pocket that you surf in. (10 MPH)

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