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kawaik 02-08-2005 4:36 PM

Hey guys I'm new to this forum and to boats in general so if i say anything that is extremely stupid I apologize ahead of time. any way heres the thing. my family is looking at getting a boat this summer and we are in the 35000 range. my parents are looking at a yamaha ar 230 (boo) but i am trying to convince them that a wakeboarding boat would be the way to go. they both like to fish so they like the platform of the yamaha and they like the very shallow draft and of course the 30000 msrp. i am trying to tell them that the wake of the ar is horrendous at best (its a jet drive), you can fish off any boat and you can find older v-drives or inboards for around that price . any way sorry for the excessively long post just wonderin if any one could tell me some boats that would be better to look at.

midwesty 02-08-2005 4:43 PM

good lord...$30k for a yamaha??:pukey <BR> <BR>u can get yourself into a pretty nice inboard wakeboat for $35k..does it have to be new? <BR> <BR>who pays msrp anyways?

wkerat 02-08-2005 5:08 PM

New Malibu iRide will come in around 35, also some moombas and possibly centurion cyclone storm series may.

big_ed_x2 02-08-2005 5:22 PM

Sangers I heard were nice and they are 35-40k brand new!

sanger215guy 02-08-2005 5:30 PM

Sanger V210 is around $35K. Rated by waterski mag. as a hardcore wakeboard boat. It has a awsome wake and very clean lines. Moomba also carries a few modles that re in the 25-35K range. Depending on what your looking for in a boat. Direct drive will be cheaper than a V-drive.

poser007 02-08-2005 6:34 PM

Clemmans Marina in Eugene Oregon Has a brand new 04 Cyclone with storm one package and Decnet Sterio set up out the door for 32800

kawaik 02-08-2005 6:50 PM

Thanks everyone. I think the Moombas look pretty nice do they have any serious downsides to them? Also does anyone here live in Utah and know of some sick deals such as the 04 cyclone that Dan posted?

kawaik 02-08-2005 7:03 PM

Hey also kinda like the gekkos does anybody have experience with those and could you tell me what the price of an 04 or 03 model would be.

linus8103 02-08-2005 7:43 PM

I would suggest a V-drive with pop out carpet...if your parents like to fish.

clubmyke 02-08-2005 9:01 PM

agree with big ed... would go for a sanger.. they are awesome boats..

akman 02-08-2005 9:16 PM

I would take a good long look at the Sanger V210, flat out the best bang for your buck. <BR> <BR>If you can squeeze a few more dollars look at the Supra 21V

zeda 02-09-2005 12:13 PM

You would be making a huge mistake buying a Yamaha. I looked at them at the Salt Lake City boat show and cringed at the thought of someone actually buying one. The local Tige dealer was ready to sell a Tige Switch i to my buddy for $28,000. Add a tower and perfect pass and you have yourself a pretty nice 2005 boat for under $35,000 easy. Hell, you could add a Monster Tower, Perfect Pass, and a Rival ballast system and still be around $35,000.

kevin_bird 02-09-2005 1:35 PM

I have a 2001 Mastercraft Xstar with 3 ballast tanks, perfect pass, tower racks etc in prefect condition in your price range email me at <a href="mailto:davebirdfam@yahoo.com">davebirdfam@ya hoo.com</a> if you are at all interested

kawaik 02-10-2005 1:29 PM

What should i expect to pay for a sanger that is new but maybe a year or two old? <BR>

greygoose 02-10-2005 1:55 PM

I have an 04 Outback LSV that is loaded with 320 EFI, Hydraulic Wake Plate, Rad-A-Cage tower, pop-up cleats AM/FM CD Stereo, bimini top, wakeboard racks, custom cover, swingaway tongue. The boat has only 38 hours and is a prefect 10. navy blue and platinum. $32,500.00 Will deliver part way. <BR> <BR>

goodtime 02-10-2005 4:36 PM

I have a new Sanger V210 loaded, 40hrs. Will let her go for low 30s no prob OTD, no sales tax if you register in AZ, i have a river house where the boat stays. Let me know, the V230 is calling.

whitlock87 03-08-2005 6:54 AM

I was looking at getting the Black Yamaha. ( there wake board boat) <BR>It was going to be 32k ( 35 out the door ) <BR>I am 40 and wanted a boat to do things with the family, one day while shopping for your new boat I ended up at a Tige dealer. I got a Tige Switch V for 33k or 37 out the door. <BR>It has more power, drives better, and my son is much happier. <BR>The tige is listed at 20 and the Yamaha is listed at 23 <BR>Tige does not include the swim step in there length. so it works out to 22 <BR>The swim plate from on the Yamaha is 3.5 so the tige has 6 more cockpit room. <BR>No regrets <BR>David <BR>

bdehaan 03-08-2005 9:04 AM

Kawai, don't know of any killer Utah deals. <BR> <BR>My .02 is it's going to be difficult finding a boat to appease your family's fishing fun and wakeboarding. Not saying it can't be done, it just seems polar opposite type of activities. When we first bought our boat my wife (and her family) wanted to fish (Jordanelle). We eventually decided no fishing on the boat, i.e. no fish smell, bait, hooks flying around. It's been easy though, cause all we do now is wakeboard. To us, the fun wakeboarding far exceeds what we're missing fishing. <BR> <BR>Good luck with the search for a boat.

litlone873 03-08-2005 10:20 AM

Go with the Sanger! You may be able to get a cheaper boat but you'll never get the ride you get out of a Sanger. Take Todd up on his Sanger offer... or check out their website to see about used Sangers for sale. <a href="http://www.sangerboats.com" target="_blank">www.sangerboats.com</a>. I love my V215 and will never buy anything other than Sanger... not to mention the Sanger people are great to work with. <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65921/216161.jpg" alt="">

deltadave 03-08-2005 10:36 AM

I've been looking at the Sky Supreme 220V ... I think I can get one of those for about 36k.

litlone873 03-08-2005 10:44 AM

DON'T DO IT DAVE!!!! A friend of mine has one and it has bounce you would't believe. He bought it last summer and to this day, he continues to have problems with it. In fact right this minute, he is dropping it off back at the factory for some more work to be done. Spend the extra $5k and go for the Sanger V215. <BR> <BR>To be fair, there are other Supreme owners who like their boats and haven't had problems like my friend has, some of his issues were due to the dealer leaving it out in the rain before he bought it... but still. <BR> <BR>Be sure that before you buy ANYTHING. Test drive the crap out of a few of them. Take it in rough water, feel the bounce. Take your wife/girlfriend or any woman and give it the "Boobie Test" If they hurt while going over the littlest wake, IT DOESN'T PASS. Take it for a literal "SPIN", crank that baby hard at 35 mph and see how it handles. That's what I did when I bought mine last year... Sanger vs. MB Sport.. Sanger won hands down. <BR> <BR>Just my two cents... I'm not biased at all <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/lame.gif" border=0>

deuce 03-08-2005 10:58 AM

Petersen Marine carries Sanger in Utah. They had a V210 in that price range at the show....$32,795 to be exact. <BR> <BR>Currently a 2003 Tige 22V at Taylor's for $39,900....since they have been sitting on that boat for over a year....my guess is it could go for a lot less than that. <BR> <BR>There is a 2002 SSV on boattrader(from SLC, UT) for $36,500... <BR> <BR>.....man I must be bored.... <BR> <BR>E.J. <BR>

sup208 03-08-2005 11:14 AM

There is nothing wrong with Supremes. I have a V208 and my friend has a 220V. His is roomier, but even he admits mine rides better. The 208 has a deeper hull and cut through the chop better. Best advise is to go look at ALL the boats even the expensive ones. Test drive them. They all have their good points and bad points. My decision to buy a Supreme was exactly that, my decision. For what i want to do, the price I wanted to pay, etc. it meets my needs, but I am sure it would not meet everyones. It's like the old Ford, Chevy, Dodge game. People have a preference. Pick up the boat buyers edition of waterski magazine, read it, go look at boats, go test drive boats, don't let the sales people pressure you into buying it now becasue next week the price goes up. If they want to sell boats, and they do, they'll deal. Treat buying a boat like buying a car but be even more scrutinizing after all wakeboat boats these days are rivaling luxury cars in price. Make a list of what you want from a boat, what you have to have and what you would like to have and what you will be using it for the most. A thoroughly researched and informed decision will be the right one.

litlone873 03-08-2005 11:21 AM

Good advise KJ... nothing beats researching and testing on your own. Don't be afraid to ask questions. <BR> <BR>Dave, go to the Sacramento Boat show this weekend, you'll come away with all kinds of information and probably a couple appointments to test drive some boats. Also, if you know how to wakeboard, bring a board along with you and have them pull you so you can test the wake too.

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