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teamvaldez 02-03-2005 9:22 AM

Well, here we are looking at another new year. We at the CLWC are excited to see what this year holds for us and for our members. First things first, I would like to give huge thanks to our past President Jeff (fruitcake) Frew for being the captain of our ship for the last few years. He has done a great job and we all owe him alot for maintaining the integrity of our club. Along with that, big props to the Prez before him, Darrin Medley for setting the standard that we can all hope to live up to. Also, big thanks to the families of these two for sacraficing their time for the sake of the club. I hope to live up to the legacy that these two guys established. I covet your prayers. Also, big props out to Damian Klaas for always being there as our fearless leader making the decisions that sometimes wern't the most fun to make. <BR>The following is our Board Members for the upcoming 05 season (applause, applause) <BR>President- Robyn Valdez <BR>Vice President- Jeremy Thompson <BR>Tournament Coordinators- Damian Klaas, Brent Baum <BR>Treasurer- Cindy Frew <BR>Sponsor Coordinator-Gretchen Hammarberg <BR>Boat Coordinator-Jeff Swink (no more trampolines for you Jeff!) <BR>Web Master-Aaron Davis <BR>With that being said, we have some great plans to start the ball rolling for the 05 season. I met with Bob Bohan and the powers that be here in Canyon Lake to put to bed the schedule for this upcoming season. After much discussion about what will and will not be tolerated, we recieved the authorization to post our schedule. <BR>April 9 Wakeboard Contest <BR>April 16 or 23rd Girls learn to ride day <BR>Location tentative until we find the status of the channel. <BR>May 7 Wakeboard Contest <BR>June 11 Wakeboard Contest <BR>July 16 Learn to wakeboard day <BR>August 13 Wakeboard Contest <BR>Sept 17 Wakeboard Contest <BR> <BR>Also, something new we are implementing into the contests this year will be sliders. We have already recieved permission to use the rave slider that we purchased late last season and laid the groundwork to add others in the near future. We would like to see an additional slider and possibly a kicker. We are stoked about that. <BR> Already this year we have recieved alot of support from companies (both boat and others)that want to help support the club and it's events. We are looking forward to seeing alot of different products being demo'ed at our contests to best give our members and those interested the best possible selections. Our title sponsors are being told that basically, when they sponsor an event, it is their party, throw it. <BR> We are also planning on implementing a Wet Tuesday Big Air Double Up contest once a month at Taco Tuesday. Cash Prizes and another way for our sponsors to get represented to the community that may or may not be able to make it out to our contests but always seem to show up for Taco Tuesdays. <BR> Your input on what you want to see at our contests is greatly appreciated. We have brought in a laptop and printer to ease up the duties of administration. Information on the riders would only have to be input at the first contest and would cut down on the time involved in signing up the riders and would expedite the judging and scoring as well. <BR>So as not to have your heads explode, I will end this by letting you know that there is much more going on with the CLWC. If you want to know more, show up for the first meeting prior to the April 9 contest, Thursday April 7, at the home of Brent Baum. I am always available for any questions you may have via email at <a href="mailto:robynsv@aol.com">robynsv@aol.com</a>. Thanks again for you support and your prayers for this upcoming year!! <BR> <BR>Anybody interested in sponsorship, please email our sponsor coordinator Gretchen Hammarberg at <BR><a href="mailto:ghammarberg@cbabr.com">ghammarberg@cb abr.com</a>

buzz_grande 02-03-2005 9:33 AM

Congratulations Robyn!!

wakestar8878 02-03-2005 10:15 AM

Robyn - Sounds great! The sliders will be a fun way to mix it up for the riders, although I'm not sure I want to scuff up my new board yet. <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/lol.gif" border=0> Remember I'm always willing to do whatever I can to help out, and I can't wait to get this season rolling.

stephan 02-03-2005 10:26 AM

Are you guys going to do another Anti-tournament? I had a great time at that. Just the image of a certain someone trying to put the VLX on black at the roulette table was funny enough.

socalwakepunk 02-03-2005 5:08 PM

Thanks for the kind words, Robyn. <BR> <BR>TEAM VALDEZ ROCKS!!!!

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