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canada97 02-01-2005 10:42 AM

any riders from ontario or area?? if so what lake do u ride on??

greenthumb 02-01-2005 12:28 PM

Nottawasga River in Wasaga Beach. Always butter and always lots of scenary.

forum25 02-01-2005 2:08 PM

i ride up in muskoka!

byerly137pro 02-01-2005 2:09 PM

Theres a couple of threads on here about Ontario/Muskoka riders....just search for them. I ride in Bala, which is on Lake Muskoka and if you find the right spot aka my spot there is always butter.

p_b_parks 02-02-2005 6:56 PM

yo wats up guyz i ride in the muskokaz cant wait to hit the water.....btw wat time u guys gonna start ridin this year? <BR>

p_b_parks 02-02-2005 7:00 PM

and do u guys live near the lakes? or do u jus go up on weekends? or do u get a job up at where u ride? Wat do u guys do to make most outta ur season?

canada97 02-02-2005 8:11 PM

i live up at my place for a a month or so and then i go up on weekends whenever i can u? <BR>

petertjr 02-03-2005 8:07 AM

i ride at the grand river, and up in port severn some weekends

canada97 02-03-2005 8:09 AM

i live like 10 minutes from the grand river...never been in it though i ride mostly at my cottages in bancroft and one in muskoka

petertjr 02-03-2005 9:18 AM

the grand river is the best, always calm, even when its busy, cause you can just go futher down the river where the aren't many people <BR>

p_b_parks 02-03-2005 7:33 PM

i stay and ride at my cottage on muskoka for two weeks and i go up every weekend during end of may-beginnig october...at least i hope esspecially this year. I ride at the muskokas but i've never heard of <font size="+1">grand river????</font> is it near T.O.? or Muskoka}?

greenpinky 02-03-2005 7:47 PM

C'mon WakeX - The Grand River. K/W area! <BR> <BR>Pete - Let me know when you wanna come up my way to do a 'lil riding, alright? I wanna demo that Absolute if it's cool with you.

billabong 02-04-2005 4:39 PM

i ride up oin paudash north of peterbrough <BR>

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