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p_b_parks 01-31-2005 2:20 PM

yo guys, wow I really need to ride its winter and im snowboarding like most Canadian riders do but....this year it jus aint cuttin it I need to wakeboard NOW!! but ill jus hav to wait...yo, muskoka riders or any Canadian riders im gonna try to start wakeboarding begining of MAY but do u think i can jus wear a reg wetsuit and not freeze to death? when r u guys gonna start riding and wats ur attire??}

jman 01-31-2005 4:07 PM

If i can find a part time job, i am going to try to save some money for a drysuit. Maybe I'll get started a little earlier this year. <BR> <BR>Begining of May though? Where i ride in Manitoba(Whiteshell) that calls for a drysuit. <BR> <BR>One more thing. I feel your pain. I'm going a little nuts too.

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