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sublimed 01-29-2005 10:24 AM

Hey guys, <BR>I got a pair of 04 Liquid Force Transits. Been using it for around 6 months now and there is rust forming on one particular rivet used to hold the lace loops on the overlay. <BR>I ride in salt water, but rinse off after each session with fresh water. But the point is...all the other rivets are perfectly fine expect for just this one particular rivet. It seems to be made out of a different material from the others. <BR>Now, the whole head of the rivet is totally covered with rust and the rust has goten onto the overlay, causing the overlay to be stained by the rust. <BR>Anyone ever had the same problem or something like that? And any idea if LF would cover this under their warranty?

wes_can_riders 01-29-2005 1:46 PM

first thing I was going to tell you was wash this off with fresh water, but you said you did that... so my only suggestion is to take it to the LF dealer and ask them about it... if you got it from a shop just take it back because if you have only had them for 6 months you should be covered

thane_dogg 01-29-2005 2:52 PM

yeah, get 'em warrantied. I doubt you could fix that problem yourself. Not a huge problem but still sucks.

sublimed 02-02-2005 5:26 AM

my dealer came back to me with liquid force's reply on my transits. I was told that since the rivet does not directly affect the function of the bindings. they will not make any effort to replace or warranty them. <BR>this is such a disappointing reply from LF. <BR> <BR>for one, they are just pushing the problem away, the rivet will rust further and will soon break off. won't i have to raise the problem again? <BR> <BR>but what really disappointed me is the fact that this is clearly a manufacturing fault. As only 1 rivet is rusting but why not the others? It is clear that the material used for that particular rivet is flawed. <BR> <BR>i live really far from the US and its always a big trouble to get equipment replaced here. i guess the further you are...the less they value you?

jarrod 02-02-2005 7:17 AM

Wait a month and break it yourself.

wickedwake 02-02-2005 7:53 AM

What Jar said, break it off and send it back! (Demand 05's<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/wink.gif" border=0>)

sublimed 02-02-2005 8:02 AM

guys, from what i read on the regular post here, its seem that you guys get ur damaged equipment replaced with little or no hassel at all. <BR>however, i don't see the same happening here. if the main office at liquid force can give such a disappointing reply, i forsee a hard time getting anything replaced. <BR>so much for all the claims on the website on support and warranty...bah...

wickedwake 02-02-2005 8:21 AM

Not encouraging dishonesty or anything but a freind tore a seam on his 04 transits and they were replaced by 05's in a few days....just a thought. Only suggesting this b/c LF usually has awsome customer service and will bend over backwards for the customer (in my experience anways)

sublimed 02-02-2005 8:39 AM

well, i hope they value their overseas customers as much too. i've always heard good things about their coustomer service, until now when i have to experience it myself.

erik 02-03-2005 6:36 AM

good luck with that. i broke 2 trips one summer and lf did not want to replace either of them. no sliders, nothing. broke them on a 911 and a s-bend. never going back to lf! just my $0.02

breadbutta 02-03-2005 2:41 PM

If LF won't replace/repair at no cost you can easily drill the rivet out and replace with stainless.

sbvfive 02-03-2005 5:09 PM

Email don or josh at liquid force directly. Forget going thru a shop, too much gets lost in translation. Josh is the customer service rep. I broke a pair of 04's twice within a few weeks, and to make a long story short, I ended up with two pairs of replacements for my troubles.

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