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flyingmonkeys 01-27-2005 12:51 PM

hey im starting to ride boat at my local cable park and i was wonering....what is the right length line and does anyone know anything about the watson handle??

guido 01-27-2005 1:26 PM

Start at around 70' if you haven't ridden behind the boat much, and work your way out. Most people end up around 75' or 80'. <BR> <BR>The Watson handle....hmmm. Well I have one. I'm not much one to bash product, but it fell apart very quickly. I'm going to try to warranty it, but my Accurate handle have lasted longer, although they are close to twice the price. The handle is nice and comfy when it is new, though.

flyingmonkeys 01-27-2005 2:01 PM

cheers man...can you reccomed any make for lines or like a type?

guido 01-27-2005 4:12 PM

Don't know if you are looking for anything specific as far as handles go? I assume you aren't looking for something with a wrap handle. If not I'd go for a Byerly handle. It's lightweight and similar to the Watson handle, but made by accurate. Also, for ropes the new Accurate jacket line is nice. It's 80' without the handle, so it gives you a lot of flexibility. The other rope that is cool is the plain accurate spectra (I think... No jacket, but also 80'). <BR> <BR>Good luck.

malibuboarder75 01-27-2005 6:58 PM

My watson handle fell apart within 3 weeks of riding. The foam came apart and the plastic ends ripped. I got it warranteed pretty easily and now I have a 2005. It looks promising because there is no seem on the foam (it looks like one piece CNC), so the foam cant come unglued like the 2004. It is pretty light, really thick grip (super comfy), I just hope it lasts a full summer.

greenthumb 01-27-2005 8:31 PM

My question to all is how much does a good rope/handle help? My brother and I are using an old ski toe rope, while the handle is cumfy, the rope stretches a lot. You can see it on film coil back after a fall....does having a no stretch line help that much, and if so, how? <BR> <BR>Thanks

malibuboarder75 01-27-2005 8:39 PM

u dont want stretch. trust me, it hurts your edging ability <BR>

big_ed_x2 01-27-2005 8:40 PM

Having the line stretch once you get of the wake it wants to pull you over and face plant.1st 10 times or so I went out with stretchy rope and it was hard to land,after a while I got used to it and was getting decent air but couldn't progress. <BR> <BR>the funny thing is using the stretchy rope made it where I didn't have to progressive edge at all just point the board and load the line and it just snaps you up the wake.after I got the non-stretch,it was hard for me to get good pop,because I never learned the progressive edge! <BR>hope that made sense and hope it helps.

greenthumb 01-27-2005 8:41 PM

does it hurt your control in the air as well? Is there a chance you will or might go off balance due to the rope recoiling?

greenthumb 01-27-2005 8:43 PM

thanks Ed, I wrote this last post as you wrote yours. Makes sense and thanks for the input. I need new rope <IMG SRC="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" ALT=":-)" BORDER=0>

malibuboarder75 01-27-2005 9:48 PM

definately. I went redneck wakeboarding behind a fishing boat with my cousins and they used a stretch rope. I hit a double up which was huge for this lug of boat with no ballast. I launched off of it and got slingshotted forward once in the air. Unintentional raleys suck<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/wink.gif" border=0>

greenthumb 01-28-2005 5:05 PM

so i take it some spectra rope or something like a yellow jacket and a good handle will help my riding as opposed to the rubber band I am using? Thanks all for the help, sorry to bring this post somewhere it shouldnt have;)

sylv2080 01-28-2005 6:23 PM

I'm using spectra rope and I love it.....Also using a SL Amoeba Grip handle which is great also.....

cubanismo 01-31-2005 4:57 PM

I purchased my first Straight Line handle and line roughly 4 years ago and just replaced it last month with another SL setup. Like sylv2080, I'm pulled with a spectra line and Amoeba handle and have no complaints just yet. Though the handle does not seem as sturdy as my previous SL, the grip is fantastic.

wickedwake 01-31-2005 5:02 PM

I use an Accurate Jacket line and a Accurate Premeir handle. It is an awsome and very lightweight setup. 55$ for handle and about 70$ for line. You wont be dissapointed with anything from Accurate.

airwarrior04 01-31-2005 5:03 PM

I would recomend the byerly or premier handel by accurate and either the "a-line" or the jacket seerise!

thane_dogg 01-31-2005 5:13 PM

The Watson handle is sick. I have the green one from '04, and it started to come apart, but I glued it back together and it's worked really well for me. I've got a lot of use out of it. Not only do I use it, but usually everyone else in the boat uses it too.

sylv2080 02-01-2005 7:38 AM

yeah Andre I think that the Amoeba grip is possibly the most comfy grip I've ever used.........no complaints here.....

jamie_lamar 02-01-2005 10:46 AM

I was having problems with my shoulders after riding all day from being jerked around till I went to the Accurate fire jacket main line and problem solved. Their handles are great too, just not sure on the carbon ones. Iíve heard once they hit the dock or anything hard they like to crack &amp; chip.

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