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phibes6 01-26-2005 10:20 AM

i weigh about 190 lbs and wear a 12 1/2, i currently have a 142 but im thinking about buying a 138, any suggestions?

howie 01-26-2005 7:13 PM

well 12 1/2 i do not know what that is? but I ride 143 bylerly and 144 parks I #205 . Hope that help..

thane_dogg 01-26-2005 7:57 PM

I would stick with that 142. The extra width with the longer board will be better for your size 12 dogs. I'm 140 with a size 10 and I ride a 138.

kristian 01-27-2005 5:06 AM

Yeah dude stay with the 142 <BR> <BR>(Message edited by kristian on January 27, 2005)

sylv2080 01-27-2005 9:40 AM

well I weigh around 180 and I am riding a 136 Option and I am a little bit over the recommended weight...but I like having a little bit smaller board......I am trying to talk the wife into letting me buy a new Liquid Force Fish but who knows if she will fly for it or not.....I try riding my cousins 142 board and it feels way to doppy....plus he rides with his center fin in....while I ride with mine out....Good luck but mostly just go with what you think you will enjoy more! Cheers

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