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gdillyfunk69 01-24-2005 2:24 PM

Hey I tried ona pair of 2004 and 2005 Byerlys and I really liked them and I want to get them for my slider board. I don't want to pay for the 2005's so I was wondering if anything has changed from the 03-04's (which I heard are the same) besides the different material used in the 2005's. Also if anyone has any for sale let me know. <BR>Thanks, <BR>Chris <BR>C-DUB

bradey_132 01-24-2005 3:35 PM

no thers no differnce really just different materia. which doesn't change the performance at all i got of 2004 for sale is u want those

gdillyfunk69 01-24-2005 3:50 PM

What size, condition, and how much???

bradey_132 01-24-2005 4:32 PM

mediums $300 canadian like perfect condition been ridin like 3 times with extra brand new wraps

gdillyfunk69 01-24-2005 7:47 PM

how much u.s. dollars is that... sorry

jwat142 01-25-2005 5:36 AM

I would definitely get 2004's before I got 2003's. In 2004 they beefed up the BOA dial system so it wouldn't break all the time. In 2003, they had a lot of trouble with the dial breaking and they fixed that for 2004.

bradey_132 01-25-2005 1:00 PM

240 or 250

antbug 01-25-2005 1:06 PM

300CAD is 246.50USD today at a rate of 1USD - 1.217CAD. <BR> <BR>

gdillyfunk69 01-25-2005 4:36 PM

Thanks anyway man but my local boardshop has htem for 200... Thanks though

gdillyfunk69 01-26-2005 4:52 PM

woops I meant 230.00.... but anyway... I had one more quesiton... when you tighten them up a lot, and hten you catch a realyl bad edge... do you come out easy or does the wire not stretch and u don't move

magellan 01-26-2005 5:11 PM

No, the BOA snaps and you come out. It's an awesome feature. <BR> <BR> <BR>Sorry...just been burned by Hyperlite bindings so many times, had to do it...

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