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zak_winkler 01-23-2005 11:26 AM

i have a 03 moomba outback wiht about 750 lbs in the back i was woundering if that will be enough to surf wihtout the rope? i was also woundering wat kind of board i need. im a first time wakesurfer. i would like to have some fun with a good board. i looked at a broadcast . wat are peoples thoughts on boards. <BR>thanx

stevstaf 01-24-2005 6:47 PM

I like my CWB Ride. Haven't tried the Broadcast.

buttskimmer 01-25-2005 6:47 AM

Bigger boards are easier to ride and can be used with smaller wakes. You will need to weight the side of the boat you ride on. Get a extra sack and put it along side of the engine. Are you right foot forward or left???? <BR>~S~

zak_winkler 01-25-2005 11:06 AM

im right foot forward

chudog2 01-25-2005 4:50 PM

The broadcast is a great board, esp. for guys as its big. You will need more than 750 lbs unless you have 6 guys in the boat to help weight down. I load my boat up w/ 2100 lbs and always want more.

zak_winkler 01-26-2005 12:16 PM

i changed my mind i might look at a landlock is that any good

surfnfury65 01-26-2005 2:13 PM

I like traditional style surfing. I have the Shred Stixx Blow fish. It's 5'8"x22"x2". I am 6' almost 200#. It works killer. It also has a removable fin system so you can switch your fin set up. Great board. I haven't tried the smaller boards so actually I am no help. <BR>Board More/Work Less! <BR>J$

chudog2 01-26-2005 2:47 PM

The Landlock is also a great board. I have both the landlock and broadcast and have had a blast on both. Now that I have mastered the traditional style surfing though, I am looking for a snub nosed board to spin 360s and tricks on. I like the Inland Surfer Red Chubby but it's so expensive..anyone suggest something else (For a Girl, 5'4")?

buttskimmer 01-27-2005 8:46 AM

Right foot foward rides on the drivers side - a plus for you since the drivers weight will help. I started with a landlock also and now have the cubby. Sandy - the cubby is no more - but they have replaced it a simular size board and shape. Yep they are expensive, you might want to look at a CWB tsuminai - (my spelling sucks and the name of this board might not be the best givin the currect disaster) <BR>Its about 295 vs 395 for the inland or phase 5. <BR>~S~

jmo52 01-27-2005 11:00 PM

I have a Tsunami. I like it so far but I am a total begginer,

zak_winkler 01-28-2005 7:50 AM

the Tsunami is a decent board, im a total begginer to, do u need a huge wake for that board or is a smaller one alright?

jmo52 01-29-2005 5:17 PM

I couldnt say really I filled 1 tank (800lbs) and had a nice wake. This weekend I bought a 440lb to go in the locker. I'll let ya know.

buttskimmer 01-31-2005 12:03 PM

Zak - a beginner,small board &amp; small wake is not the best combination. Are you also a beginner wakeboarder/skater??? <BR>Its practice and a patient crew when learning with a big board &amp; large wake. You just need more of both.

trace 01-31-2005 1:36 PM

learn to ride backside too. due to prop rotation, the wake has more power on the port side on all boats except Nautiques, and you won't have to switch weight around so much. i also think it's easier to learn 180s &amp; 360s from the backside.

chudog2 01-31-2005 1:47 PM

So I ride regular foot. And trying to spin 360's I rotate around heelside first (rotate to the left)...I make it almost al the way around but the last little part I either sink my nose or it shoots out from me. Is it easier to spin right, spinning into the wake toeside?

buttskimmer 02-02-2005 10:14 AM

Yes spin into the wake. If you can afford a balance board to practice at home it will help alot. Whats happeneing is that when the board shoots out - you have too much weight on the rear--- nose dive is too much on the front. <BR>~S~

zak_winkler 02-02-2005 10:56 AM

scott ive been wakeboarding for a long time and wakeskating for like 3 years so a big board wiht moderate wake will be alright or will i need a huge wake <BR>

buttskimmer 02-03-2005 7:56 AM

Zak - wake size does matter. The bigger and curling like a wave is best. It can be done with smaller wakes - just harder to keep it going. Surfing is balance front to back to stay going. You should be able to "feel" the sweet spot. <BR>~S~

evil_e 02-14-2005 12:57 PM

Personally, I found the Landlock to be a little big and clunky, maybe good for someone new to surfing, but I love my Broadcast...

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