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fredmurphy 11-29-2004 9:10 AM

Take off any fins. Get a length of thick cardboard tube from a local carpet shop. (You know - the ones they roll the carpet on. Like the centre of a toilet roll but bigger.) <BR> <BR>Ta da! No need to waste money on an indoboard. Sure the rocker makes it a little bit more lively when you're near the end of the board but that just makes it interesting.

seaswirlmike 12-06-2004 1:51 PM

and they make a great floating table for beverages when your floating around the lake

scully 12-11-2004 9:48 AM

In the offseason, my roommate took the wakeskate down a flight of stairs. It was interesting and amusing.

jaycock1 12-22-2004 6:41 PM

It's a good tool for spankin' your extremely horny sex slave.

nlitworld 02-13-2005 1:48 AM

You could always get two milk crates and set the board on top. tadaaa! you got yourself a good ol' fashioned loveseat. <BR> <BR>disclaimer: foam tops work much better than grip tape, especially when sitting while wearing shorts.

mango 03-29-2005 8:54 PM

make a bench

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