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11-26-2004 11:38 AM

Does anyone have a combo that they would like to sell wanting to buy my g/f a board.

dakid 11-27-2004 1:28 AM

how much are you willing to spend?

11-27-2004 6:05 AM

Around 250 to 300

knelems 11-27-2004 8:57 AM

Josh I have several brand new boards &amp; Demos for sale.I have a 134 Diva 04 Demo for $100.00 &amp; several bindings depending on size. I can email you my list if you are interested. <BR>Thanks, <BR>Karen

11-27-2004 3:53 PM

I just sold the last board that I have been trying to get rid of for two years! Now I can actually walk into my "board closet" ...haha! Hope you find a great deal!

deltawake 11-27-2004 8:07 PM

I have a 131 Hyperlite Essence Vargas series, with matching bindings. The board is 2 years old in perfect condition. Will let the whole setup go for $200.

11-27-2004 9:21 PM

Karen please email me a list... <BR><a href="mailto:dhwake45@yahoo.com">dhwake45@yahoo.co m</a>

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