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rob_pitchford 11-22-2004 8:52 PM

Does anyone else have a similar boat or a boat of the similar vintage which you use to wakesurf? I know an older boat is not ideal for surfing but can you still get a good wake? I use a fat seat placed behind the driver and the rear seat (I ride right foot forward) but am thinking of purchasing two fat sacks and placing them at the rear and in the ski locker, will this help? I am also using an Obrien Woody board. I have only had limited success, any suggestions?

chris_newrider 11-23-2004 5:47 AM

Goofy footers rock! Yes, I would add the sacks in the rear corner locker. Don't forget to add weight up front to help "plow" through the water and create a bigger wake overall.

nbeihl 11-28-2004 6:44 PM

Not a problem... I use a 1987 American Skier, and it is cake... I just need about 5 - 6 dudes or a fat sac and 3 dudes to all sit on the same side of the boat and things are golden!!

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