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andrew_moreton 11-20-2004 4:13 PM

I am about 6 months post ACL reconstruction surgery and am going to be fitted for my knee brace in the next month or so. I know a lot of people use the CTI2 custom knee brace, but does anyone have experience with Breg knee braces? My doctor prefers the CTI while my physical therapist prefers the Breg and I don't know which would be better for wakeboarding/snowboarding. Thanks for any input.

rdiggler 11-20-2004 4:55 PM

I tore my knee last spring and i have a cti custom knee brace. Breg knee braces are probably more popular because all the professional football players wear that brand. Cti makes braces that are made for water sports, so the hinges don't rust and the straps stay together while you are in the water. This is my 1st full summer riding with the cti brace and it fits great and does a great job keeping my knee in place

premier135rider 11-21-2004 12:29 AM

just got the cti2 vapor and been very happy with it. Good support and very comfortable. I haven't gotten to ride with yet, but i have done my cutting and running with it and have been very confident with it on...

buzz_grande 11-21-2004 1:24 AM

One of my crew is 2 weeks post-op on a patrial ACL/meniscus injury (knee buster thread). I was wondering roughly what these type of braces cost. I know they are probably expensive, but I am sure they are worth it. I would like to pass on the info to her.

sbvfive 11-21-2004 1:57 AM

Andrew, definetely get the CTi2 Custom brace. I have had one since I blew out my knee 2.5 years ago and I love it. I was fitted for the breg brace but I hated it from the start, so I went with cti2. You'll thank yourself when your knee lands locked and you feel that brace snap tight and save your a$$. <BR> <BR>Buzz, mine ran Anthem somewhere between $1200-$1400 if I remember correctly. I could be wrong though. Insurance picked up the tab so I really didn't care.

buzz_grande 11-21-2004 4:19 AM

Scott, <BR> <BR>Whew, that's a bunch-O-$$$. I will let her know. Hopefully her insurance will help also. <BR> <BR>Thanks.

bbr 11-21-2004 9:41 AM

I tore my ACL in April and got the CTI2 Vapor. Best brace that I have used to date. I was actually wearing a Townsend "off the shelf" brace when I tore up my knee. I wouldn't recommend anything else. Nothing will stop your knee from getting hurt, but it sure as hell helps. Go with the CTi2 Vapor.

premier135rider 11-21-2004 10:50 AM

it is listed at 1100 but with a perscription from your DR you can get 80% paid for by them, or at least with BCBS you can. It ended up being 220 or something like that for me. Small price to pay when it is helping to keep you from paying a couple grand on therpy and another surgeory

sbvfive 11-21-2004 11:50 AM

Yeah Buzz, it is expensive but like Adam says it is so worth it. As long as your Dr. or surgeon will write a perscription for it the insurance will kick in. Tell her to check with her carrier. Like I said I am with Anthem Blue Cross and they covered 100%. The only thing that they wouldn't cover was express shipping, so I paid a grand total of $40.

andrew_moreton 11-21-2004 4:35 PM

It sounds like people prefer the CTi2 for watersports so I will probably go that route. What is the difference between the custom CTi2 and the Vapor? Also, do you all wear the CTi2 for other sports that you do? Thanks.

bbr 11-21-2004 5:11 PM

The CTi2 Vapor is a custom brace. Its just really, really light. I would recommend getting the gel kit, because it really sticks to your skin quite well. I positive that you could use it for other sports as well. Good luck.

sbvfive 11-21-2004 5:16 PM

Brandon, I got my cti2 before the vapor came out. Do u think that the gel kit could be retro fitted to the older cti 2?? From the looksof it on the website they look to be the same specs?? Anybody know??

premier135rider 11-21-2004 5:41 PM

the vapor just has a little less material. From what the guy told me it is just a lighter

andrew_moreton 11-21-2004 11:21 PM

I was just looking on their website and it says the Vapor is for no impact. Wouldn't wakeboarders need the regular custom CTI2 or even the motocross CTI2 because of the impact of landing in the flats? Just wondering and I have no experience with knee braces yet.

premier135rider 11-22-2004 12:11 AM

by impact im pretty sure it means like contact sports such as football. They make one specifically for motorcross that is supposed to be more heavy duty, but fundamentally the same shape. Like i said the only difference between the vapor and the standard cti2 is the amount of material. The vapor is still rock solid. Def don't have anything to worry about with it.

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