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agudom 11-17-2004 5:32 PM

Man, dont u get that feeling when u are on monday or middle of the week that u cant stop thinking about how ur gonna ride on the weekend? <BR>its annoying! sometimes is hard for me to go to sleep, im in bed trying to sleep and im constantly thinking of wakeboarding! <BR>Do i have problems? hehehe <BR>well i must be an addict. <BR>anyone else feels like this to? <BR>

edward 11-17-2004 5:40 PM

i have the same problem all the time like right now. its like damn! its only wednesday and i gotta go through thursday adn friday still!!!

agudom 11-17-2004 5:48 PM

yup, but im goin on friday!! <BR>after i finish uni, goin to the lake, only 30 mins away.

buzz_grande 11-17-2004 7:40 PM

I guess I am lucky (probably not though!). I have a jacked up schedule. I work all different hours, and different days. Weekends don't mean crapola to me. I would rather have weekdays off. Here is my little town, the only day we can use the lake is Thursday and Friday. Fine for my days off. Makes for less crowds too! During the summer we could use the lake Thu-Sun, but I would usually try to get there Thu and Fri. Miss all the wally tubers too!!

malibuboarder75 11-17-2004 8:46 PM

better yet, work at a marina where there are tons of glassy water spots and few people on the lake and all you get to do is build sheds for boats.

cwbrider14 11-17-2004 11:18 PM

Hahaha. If I could I would ride everday. The body takes a beating but if I could drag myself up on the board I would ride. I actually like the workout I get from it. Better than running on a treadmill. We were hitting it up twice a week during the long summer daylight but those days have gone by.

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