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head461 11-16-2004 5:39 PM

A couple of months ago I swithed from rear lace to front lace bindings. About a month ago the front of my ankle started getting uncomfortable when I rode, and has since gotten alot worse. After a couple of sets it starts to hurt pretty d#@n bad and when I am done it's swollen and feels to the touch like there is fluid on it. Anybody have any answers????

thane_dogg 11-16-2004 7:36 PM

did you move your stance angles at all? <BR> <BR>Did you injur it before and now you're just reaggravating it? <BR> <BR>Are the new boots harder to get into? do you have to tweak your ankle to get into 'em? <BR> <BR>If you're using Hyperlite claws on your board, check to see if they're tight, sometimes they come loose and your boots will slip changing your stance angle and you won't even know it. <BR> <BR>My hip used to bother me until I fiddled with my stance a little bit.

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