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harryhog 11-14-2004 8:05 AM

was just thinking, no thinking of buying, but here goes: <BR> <BR>take a regular person, if the state has a different ts edge(right edge) to hs edge (left edge), then surely if a goofy footed person used the same board, things would be wrong <BR> <BR>i.e. they'd be riding the edge designed for ts riding on their hs. <BR> <BR>OR do hyperlite make the state in two models, one for regular, one for goofy. If thats the case, i've not actually read that anywhere. <BR> <BR>I'm sure the board works well for those that its designed for, but if ure riding the board wrong, that sucks.

harryhog 11-14-2004 8:10 AM

sorry, dumb question, <BR> <BR>just looked at it again, i guess the rider would just use it facing the other direction but with their bindings setup the same, then they'd get the hs edge properly. <BR> <BR>who knows, d'u think someone next year will design one for goofy and regular people alone. <BR> <BR>e.g. a blend of state &amp; murray. so it's different on all four corners, a different edge for hs regular, ts regular, hs switch, and ts switch. <BR> <BR>could work, who knows, think i should patent it.lol

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