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sjmedic 11-10-2004 2:29 PM

OK...the meeting will be on November 20th...place to be determined later. PLEASE refrain from hitting the water on that Saturday(i know how difficult that is) and set aside that day. Meeting agenda will be covered, posted what will be covered on "find a third, be a third" because I know all of you go there first! We should start around 5-6pm...and take no longer than 1-1.5 hours for general business. First round of drinks (beer) is on the Penalty jar. Penalties must be paid before ordering. (I owe $50 myself!) <BR> Please respond to my email if you can make it...everyone is welcome. New members are encouraged...Family is always welcome.

rodmcinnis 11-11-2004 10:42 PM

Just out of curiosity, what is the expected benefit of creating such a club?

buffalow 11-12-2004 8:37 AM

What about having an online meeting/forum? I coudl probably set it up on westsideconnection.net.

sjmedic 11-12-2004 10:58 AM

The club is not being formed for any specific benefit. It just creates the opportunity for like-minded people to share ideas, match boats and riders, foster some freindships, and to just get together every once in a while to have some fun. There are certain rules and friendly agreements that some of the core members have established, and these seem to increase participation and fun peer pressure. <BR> I (i cannot speak for everyone) enjoy the loose structured group of people who share the same interests, courtesies and fun associated with the sport of Wakeboarding. Formation of this club is a way to establish a cohesive group of people, who eventually, will benefit from friendship and the comeraderie spoken of earlier. <BR> It is our intent to carry the club as far as it is willing to go and, in time, grow to be a group who can rely on its members to be available and to be the kind of people you would WANT on your boat. <BR> Jason, Thanks for the invite to have a meeting on the web, however, I think it would be more of a benefit to have a meeting in person for the first time. I appreciate your interest, and any help or advice that you have would be welcomed! You have a great reputation in the wakeboarding world, and I look forward to meeting you. <BR> Rod..I hope I answered your question, say hi to Chad for me. By the way...we are working on some cool designs for a club logo!

p1emt 11-13-2004 5:39 PM

Ok once again the SBB meeting has been changed one final time !!!! It is now set in stone !!! Please RSVP to HOWIE or my self !!! Hope you can all make it !!!! Kim

gw_mark 11-13-2004 5:59 PM

Well you guys seem like a pretty cool crew and I know who's boat I would want to be on if I ever got hurt, bet I have been in the back of one of your rides before.

wakeboarder408 11-14-2004 1:09 AM

Howard, well said. I'll be there on the 11th.

sjmedic 11-14-2004 3:00 PM

Thank You Mark. I believe that this meeting will draw a few people who are looking for some riders, and riders who are looking for boat owners! Again, I would like to offer an open invitation to anyone interested in becoming a member of the South Bay Wakeboarding Club, or anyone just curious as to what we represent. Please respond to this thread, ot to my Email on my profile. <BR> Thanks! <BR>P.S. Hey Mark...can you and Howard take time off Monday morning? Timmy and I are going out in the morning from 10 to maybe 2pm. Kim is out, and I thing greg and James may be indisposed. I am going to try them both today. Let us know!

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