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andy_nintzel 11-09-2004 8:50 PM

Lately I have been riding a lot behind wakesetters and with two different schools of thaught on the wedge. Half my crew uses the wedge and the other leaves it up, but adds more weight into the boat. One boat has about 2 grand in weight with the wegde down, the other has about 3 grand and the wedge is left up. I personally like the wake without the wedge better, and adding more weight, I think that it has a bigger lip. What do you all think, wedge or wedgeless. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by Andy Nintzel on November 09, 2004)

jon_a 11-09-2004 9:23 PM

No wedge.

hyperlitenrd 11-09-2004 9:47 PM

when we have a small crew and just factory ballast, then i've found a enjoy having the wedge down, but if we have alot of weight, than no wedge. The wedge is a must for wakesurfing for us.

jarrod 11-09-2004 10:12 PM

I have an LSV. The Wedge is necessary for good wake shape. Without it, it's just not steep enough. It makes a huge difference on my boat.

jrad 11-09-2004 10:21 PM

i like the wedge, it makes the wake more like a natique, or however you spell it

rson 11-09-2004 11:13 PM

Depends on the BU......No wedge for VLX with one 600 LB sac in Nose....wedge for without the sac

buffalow 11-10-2004 8:28 AM

We foudn the bottom line is stock ballast - need wedge. Weight the crap out of your VLX you can than think of pulling the wedge. Everybody I know rides pretty weighted down and uses the wedge!

garyw 11-10-2004 9:17 AM

To wedge or not to wedge that is the question that has baffled mankind throughout history. OOPS, getting long winded. In a word WEDGE, stock ballast, #600 on the floor and #350 on the rear seat and #240 in the bow

cfisher 11-10-2004 9:52 AM

WEDGE! The wake is nice without it too if the boat is weighted down properly. However, I think the wedge firms the wake up a bit more!

hawaiianstiln 11-10-2004 9:58 AM

Wedge for sure if you have factory ballast and a few people. NO WEDGE if you have factory ballast, another sack up front in the bow and loaded with people. The wedge was designed to give you extra weight when needed. However, since US wakeboarders like to cram a bunch of people in the boat, then i normally wouldn't use it.

bill 11-10-2004 11:22 AM

Wedge all the way with an additional 1200 over the factory ballast !

sloshake 11-10-2004 12:32 PM

My group is still riding at 60 feet, and we found that when we put the wedge down, it caused the sweet spot of the wake to move too far back and behind us. The wake size and overall shape looked nice, but it also means you've gotta make an adjustment to your speed and rope length. Plus the rooster tail started to creep into where we were riding. <BR> <BR>We weren't ready to go back that far, so stuck to no wedge. Hopefully next summer...which is so far away! <BR> <BR>(Message edited by sloshake on November 10, 2004)

jarrod 11-10-2004 1:36 PM

60 feet is really short. What speed are you riding at?

andy_nintzel 11-10-2004 1:40 PM

60 feet is to short for a vlx i would say

hawaiianstiln 11-10-2004 1:50 PM

WOW! I ride at 70 (23mph) with around 2500lbs of ballast. Or maybe it's 75 with the handle, not sure. <BR> <BR>Let your rope out, add weight, and go a little faster <BR> <BR>(Message edited by hawaiianstiln on November 10, 2004)

sloshake 11-10-2004 2:23 PM

Riding between 17.5 and 19mph. I wanted to get down the wake to wake before I extended the rope length. But now that I can get to the flats its probably time to extend it.

jarrod 11-10-2004 5:42 PM

at those speeds, you could be making things harder on yourself. everything is a lot more work.

socalwakepunk 11-10-2004 9:48 PM

Definitely Wedge! <BR> <BR>Stock ballast/MLS + 300lbs in each locker / 400lbs in the bow = nice ramp. <BR> <BR>+ Wedge = nicer ramp with a kick at the top (sweet lip).

cwbrider14 11-10-2004 10:23 PM

Gereald <BR> <BR>When I started riding I started out going 18 to 20 as well. I just didnt feel comfortable enough on my board and anything higher I felt sketchy on. 60 is close and 18 feels so slow now so, if you can step it up, but like anything else take your time and do it when you feel ready.

deltagrubber 11-11-2004 2:38 PM

Also think it depends on the year, as hulls were changing in the '00, '01 &amp; '02 (SV 23 vs. SV 23 Diamond). I had the the diamond hull on an '01 and if really weighted out I took the wedge completely off. Big rampy wide and no need for a lip at the top. I found it a little easier to control the board coming off the wake.

boardfox 11-14-2004 1:23 AM

When the boat is weighted perfectly no wedge is needed or wanted in my opinion. If you are running stock all the time wedge is needed. Also makes it better for wakesurfing. Personally I like it but I have gone through two of them on an 04 VLX. Wedge makes it easy to convert from pro level wakes to novice level wakes. Bottom line cant hurt to have it you can always pull it up.

hobdog 11-14-2004 9:43 AM

I have not been using the wedge, and just using alot of weight. Has anyone noticed with the wedge down, when a rider pulls against the boat, the rear end of the boat seems to move around alot more and wash the wake out?

wkerat 11-14-2004 2:41 PM

wedge, adds value on resale and works great for surfing, also, depending on your style you may like the wake with it more than without so it makes it more versitle.

bbr 11-14-2004 6:29 PM

I totally don't use the wedge, the wake is a lot bigger without it. We run about 3200 pounds and its huge. <BR> <BR>Andy-- gonna head out next weekend for sure, I got back in town late yesterday, I'll call you later in the week.

andy_nintzel 11-15-2004 12:29 AM

Brandon--Rad man, I haven't been out in a week. AHHHHHHH! I got the no wakebaording blues.

jarrod 11-15-2004 10:05 AM

The wake is bigger without the wedge? Can't say I've ever heard that before.

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