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maulzar 11-09-2004 4:54 PM

How the hell do you ollie on a wakeskate?

jamie_lamar 11-10-2004 7:47 AM

To me it’s like a rolling rhythm thing. Head out to the flats or where you can find some smooth water. Place your back foot all the way back on the tail, with somewhat narrower stance than normal. Quickly push down with your front foot flatting out the board on the water. Then push down hard on the back of the board with your back foot while lifting your front foot up and off the board. Bring your front foot up where your knee is about to your waist line, in doing this your front foot should move up the board more towards the nose. At this time press down a bit with your front foot while lifting up your back foot to the same height. Lifting your back leg up will allow the back of the board to come up out of the water when the front foot pushes down on the nose. <BR> <BR>If this doesn’t help the buy or barrow “SNAP” and let the pro’s show you… <BR>

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