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davo00 11-01-2004 10:29 PM

How far from the wake should you begin your cut from? I ride with about a 45' rope and usually go out as wide as I can before cutting back. I get heaps of speed and always clear both wakes but can't seem to get as much height as I would like.

fox 11-02-2004 7:41 AM

You're probably flattening out before the wake. Lots of speed and you will easily clear the wake...not much height though. One isn't neccessarily related to the other.

11-10-2004 2:25 PM

You should be able to clear the wake very easily at 70' with a 10 foot cut. Seriously. Watch some of the smoother guys ride. They don't pull out very far at all. Stay on edge and focus on the up, not the out. <BR> <BR>I'm OUT

11-21-2004 8:35 AM

yea behind a wakeboard boat you should be able to use a short cut at 70 foot but behind other boats like ski boats the wake will wash out or get smaller at 70 so you probably shouldn't go that long. try lengthening your line to 50 or 55 foot because it will give you more time to react and do stuff right. and just think about a real progressive edge. it doesn't have to be fast at all. just think about your edge getting harder and harder and then make sure you extend your legs all the way for maximum popage

Walt 11-24-2004 9:34 PM

I agree with Eric but 45 feet is really short ! So is 55 if you ask me. Try 70.

12-11-2004 11:08 AM

Its not just about how fast you cut at the wake. You want to take a nice progressive edge towards the wake. This will allow you to gain speed and control to give you the necessary pop at the wake. You want to start your speed at a level of 1 and as you move closer to the wake increase your levels of speed. You want to keep increasing speed all the way through the wake and stand tall at the top of the wake. This is holding your edge. So you want to start at level 1 and increase to 2,3,...at the top of the wake you want to be at 10. If you slow down when you get to the wake it will be hard to clear the wake, just try to keep a nice consistant increasing speed and edge. You'll get it in no time.

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