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xrated 11-01-2004 6:06 PM

I know this has been discussed here before and I have read all I could find about it. Just wondering if there are any cons to doing this, does it stick well enough? Can the teak rot underneath? do you cover top and bottom to seal it or leave the bottom uncovered? Any other comments? Except Swass'.

wakeme884 11-01-2004 8:48 PM

wouldnt the linex be kind of abrasive on the bottom of boards or bare feet?? thought about gator grip? I put it on my boat-great stuff.

upupnaway 11-02-2004 6:18 AM

If you just did the top, water may soak through and get trapped under there. <BR>Have you thought about just going with a fiberglass platform?

sbayboarder 11-02-2004 7:27 AM

well you should cover your swimdeck completly, top, bottom and sides, but the problem is that with the wood swim decks there has been a problem with them cracking. When I bought my boat my I noticed this and checked out 5 other decks and they are where cracked, I call a rhino lining dealer and he said he would not do it becaise he has had problems with them cracking. Make your deck out of something besides wood and then have it covered with the lining unless you like the San Andreas look

talltigeguy 11-02-2004 1:17 PM

I had mine covered with a truck bed liner (sorry, don't know the name brand). It definitely was not abrasive, if anything it was a slight bit too smooth and slippery. After 2.5 years it never cracked, but who knows if I had kept it longer. <BR> <BR>It was covered 100%. I liked the look, feel, and low maintenance.

blastmaster 11-02-2004 1:36 PM

Here's Mine done in Linex. NO its not really abrasive on your feet. Is a little rough if you scrape against it climbing in or sliding off (mostly my wifes complaint, me and the kids dont seem to have a problem with it.) Dont know about the cracking as my deck had never seen daylight, except when in use, and was in excellant condition. I allowed it to dry out all season and applied no teak oil. Belt sanded it and removed hardware. Dealer advised me to roll edges heavily as it does not stick well to sharp edges. Cost was $150. &amp; was done in 2 hours. IMO its awesome and yes I reccomend it. This is after most of last season and there are no scratches in it. No it does not scrape board very much. Yes it does get a little hotter than before in direct sun but it deos not burn. <BR> <BR>Rick <BR> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65921/198297.jpg" alt=""> <BR> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65921/198298.jpg" alt=""> <BR> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65921/198299.jpg" alt="">

stresn 11-02-2004 1:37 PM

So this isn't too slippery when it gets wet? And it works good?

blastmaster 11-02-2004 1:53 PM

Not slippery at all, I love it. My deck was scratched really bad from my dogs toe nails and this not only covered it it stopped it from continuing. My 80lb lLab is always on the boat and leaps from deck and can climb back on herself but her nails are brutal even though I grind them with a die grinder. <BR>Rick

stresn 11-02-2004 1:59 PM

Has anyone seen it on trailers? any pix would be great as well!

jinxton 11-02-2004 2:37 PM

Cliff "the Chicken" had his trailer done, looks great

ghostrider_2 11-02-2004 4:50 PM

what is that holding your tower could you show pics.....

blastmaster 11-03-2004 11:12 AM

Scotty Good eyes. Will post picts tomorow. It is a 4x4 I covered with extra bunk carpet and made a steel mount to support tower. It rest from side to side to support folded tower because speakers hit motor box and were leaving dents. I use this for towing with the tower down also. <BR> <BR>Rick <BR>

ghostrider_2 11-03-2004 12:44 PM

thankx cant wait to see the pics as I am currently just use a 4x4 and I know I need something better.

colorider 11-04-2004 10:52 AM

Here is what I did to my platform and it is pretty much bulletproof. I used polyurathane wood finish and put on about 12 coats total. For the last 2 coats, I put some deck texturing powder in the urathane and mixed it in. Then did the last 2 coats. This added a great grip on the platform. I also put a few strips of gator grip on the platform so the board would grip well while putting it on. Lasted all season with no signs of wear

ghostrider_2 11-04-2004 11:20 AM

the poly you used was it like Olympic water seal?

magic 11-05-2004 4:42 PM

I took my teak deck off a few seasons ago. Replaced it with a pre-linex'd deck that I carpteted. Just used black marine carpet, glue and stainless fasteners on the underside. The carpet looks all most new, is very easy on boards and people. <BR> <BR>Not sure when the teak step will see use again.

wakeworld 01-14-2005 4:23 PM

Rick, is your swimstep completely covered, top and bottom? <BR> <BR>I was talking to the Line X guy at the boat show and he said they could actually mix in rubber chips to make it an even grippier surface. I forgot to ask if the Line X comes in colors other than black. Does anyone know? <BR> <BR>Maybe I'll do an article on this. My step needs help!!

hundo 01-14-2005 4:43 PM

Linex will paint over the liner. Extreme bedliners colors are in the material and last longer.

hundo 01-14-2005 4:46 PM

<a href="http://www.xtremeliners.com" target="_blank">www.xtremeliners.com</a> <BR> <BR>We switched from linex to xtreme liners and our customers are very happy. I have a blue liner in my Atlantic blue Dodge

blastmaster 01-17-2005 11:35 AM

David: <BR>Yes it was done top and bottom to seal the whole thing. I highly reccomend it. It is not rough or hot at all. I believe Linex does offer colors also. <BR>You wont regret it after I am sure. <BR>Rick

typhoon 03-10-2005 8:38 PM

pros and conns of doing the linex vs. teak??

talltigeguy 03-10-2005 9:32 PM

TY, <BR> <BR>I think you can find pretty extensive opinions on this in the archives. It really boils down to personal preference. I personally like the look of Teak, but am a no maintenance kind of guy, so I prefer the lined platform.

typhoon 03-11-2005 6:37 AM

i actually brought my deck into linex and the guy did not prep it right. it blistered up all over. i was told by rhino that you have to primer it before or that will happen. i might do the rhino which is a little more rubbery but a little discouraged right now. <BR>what is the maintenance consist of and how slippery will a teak deck get in the future? is there anything i do not know about? <BR> <BR>btw, ihave the evids sitting on my deck and still have not finished that project.

flackpack 03-11-2005 8:52 AM

Ty - I am a teak guy, I think it looks more classic, and gives a boat a more sophisticated look that will endure and not go out of style. I also don't mind spending 3 minutes after getting back from the lake to wipe the step down with an oiled rag. 3 minutes to keep my boat looking great is hardly any effort. The wood deck also isn't slippery, and won't scratch your board when you are getting in and out of the water.

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