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10-20-2004 8:12 PM

ive heard of a triple up and that you drive in a L shape and then go like a regular double up and then aim for the big roller will that roller be in the middle of the L like the appex or should i just look for the biggest roller and aim toward the left of the tidal wave and any other tips that you have that might make the triple up easier or anything <BR>thanks

10-21-2004 1:05 PM

sounds too hard to set up for to be worth it. Double-ups are big enough to do most anything anyways

10-22-2004 10:06 AM

ok i was just wondering

10-22-2004 8:27 PM

you know how when you turn the inside wake gets really big? well you turn like a v or L like you said and then come back and hit in the middle of that angle/turn you made. try them out but the wake gets really steep and hard to hit. if you hit it right it will kick your ass into the air but is also hard to controll.

10-23-2004 7:43 AM

alright maybe i have second thoughts <BR>

10-23-2004 4:43 PM

if you can hit double ups pretty much as hard as you can and consistantly then its worth a try. if not just work on them double ups for the time

wakeboarder2687 11-01-2004 4:37 PM

Try them!! So fun, if you like big air. You get shot straight up, so doing grabs is all I have done off of them. Make about a 45* turn, then hit that like a double up, just go for the biggest roller with a nice edge. If you want more kick, drive your first turn at a greater angle. After you got that down, learn the triple up whip. Set up the same, but have the boat whip you into the roller, also very fun. Enjoy!

11-02-2004 12:59 PM

alright well its winter now but ill think about that and practice on a snowboard so ill be better on the water <BR>

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