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dakid 10-16-2004 1:13 PM

anyone got any that will help me? <BR> <BR>i get the rotation on the roll ok, but i keep coming up short on landing switch, which causes me to slide out on my ass every single time i try a r2r. i'm spotting the landings and from what i can "feel" the handle's close. <BR> <BR>got any tips? <BR> <BR>thanks.

jrichard 10-16-2004 6:03 PM

Hey Joe. Long time no see. How's life? <BR> <BR>For a long time I slid out on my ass trying roll to reverts. My mistake was approaching the trick the same as a regular backroll but with a movement of the handle to my butt as I rotated. I spent a lot of time trying it this way w/o success. <BR> <BR>I finally got mine by concentrating on making my cut very progressive. Compared with a backroll, the cut for my roll to revert is similar (e.g. very slow with mildly increasing edge) until I get to the wake...then I roll it onto a slightly stronger edge than I would for a regular backroll as I go up the wake. It also helps to focus on (a) being fully extended as you leave the wake, and (b) push your front hip to the handle as you leave the wake (really part of fully extending). As with the backroll, I don't have any sense of throwing the trick. A strong edge combined with extending (e.g. standing tall) as the board releases from the wake initiates the roll. <BR> <BR>The r2r has much to do with the slight difference in take off and less to do with putting the handle to your butt. (I can land a r2r with the handle on the front side of my hip...but only slightly on the front side.) <BR> <BR>Also, for some reason, I found it helpful to focus on spotting the foam of the second wake as I came to about 3/4 of the rotation. I think it helped me orient myself for the landing. It never helped me to spot the landing itself (e.g. where the board was going to hit).

canaday 10-18-2004 11:33 AM

Slow down your rotation. When you land you won't be able to slow yourself down if you over rotate, which causes you to come down sliding out on your butt. You have to take it slower and concentrate on coming straight down when you land, with your shoulders over your knees over your toes (like you are doing a big 180 where you overexaggerate your landing). Hope that helps, if you need clarification I can write something better when I have more time. <BR>

dakid 10-18-2004 11:16 PM

hey jr! life is great! i need a couple more things to change, then i can say life's perfect! <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/wink.gif" border=0> <BR> <BR>how's the family? i hope to see you guys the next time i come up! <BR> <BR>ok, i remember a while back, you had given me tips. one of the things that stayed in my mind was you telling me to spot the 2nd wake. i was doing that this time around, but i was still sliding out! <BR> <BR>i'm not so sure i can change the take-off on the roll since my body position is almost automatic when i do a roll. so when i try a r2r, my body gets in the same position...automatically! (i hope that made sense!) <BR> <BR>sean, i know that in a lot of inverts and/or spins, letting the handle out slows down the rotation. but in this case, i don't think letting the handle out will help me. got any other tips on how to do that? <BR> <BR>thanks a lot fellas!!

jrichard 10-19-2004 7:45 AM

The family's great. Cade is a little over two and we have a new one due in December. Life's just about perfect. <BR> <BR>I've been hobbled up with an acl and ankle reconstruction, so I haven't done any riding this season. I'm thinking I won't do any more inverts. So, my goal is to get floaty air (like you). When you're up, you can give me style tips and I'll give you r2r tips. :-)

canaday 10-19-2004 8:33 AM

Joe, I didn't say let the handle out, I said slow down the speed at which you do the invert. If you don't throw the trick as hard and don't try to rotate as much, you can take the trick up and down more and less like a hucked roll.

dakid 10-19-2004 1:16 PM

jr, that's awesome dude! congrats! please extend my congrats to your wife. tell her i said hi! ok, be honest...have you put cade on a board yet? <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/wink.gif" border=0> <BR> <BR>sean, i know you didn't mean to suggest letting the handle out...i just don't know how else to slow down my rotation. i tone everything down when i try r2r. i don't cut out as wide, i mellow out my cut a little.

sbt3 10-19-2004 2:18 PM

Joe, <BR>I use to have the same problem. I find that I cut a little different for the r2r. Try to not go out as far as you might for a regular back roll. Try to only cut out 10-12 feet. When you are going up the wake really edge away from the boat. This will cause your body to go to revert a little easier. It will kind of naturally bring you around. I say to take a shorter cut at it cause it forces you to stay on edge all the way up the wake. I taught a friend to do r2r's a couple of weeks ago and that is what helped him out. I learned r2r's a couple of seasons ago and now they are almost easier than regular rolls. Hope that made sense and helps out.

bradb 10-20-2004 3:50 PM

Joe, <BR>When learning the trick, I did the same thing. I found that when I did it right, it felt the same as doing a HUGE 180 out into the flats (or hs fs 540). I started spending a few jumps focusing on landing my 180s on my toe side edge and edging away from the boat on the landing. I always feel like I'm right over my toes on the landing (and possibly even have my shoulders forward a bit more than they should be to really emphasize getting my weight on my toes). <BR>Good luck, <BR>B <BR>

brhanley 10-20-2004 4:28 PM

Brad B is on it. If you can't land a big 180 in the flats, then odds are you won't be able to land a big roll-to-rev. Make sure your heel 180's are dialed first. Dialed big into the flats is a bonus. <BR> <BR>Other tip that helps me is to wait until I'm ready to land to commit to the 180/rev part. Then, I yank on the handle below my butt and stick my chest out over my toes. <BR> <BR>I still do slide it out if I take it too big, though. <BR> <BR>Last thing is it depends on how you throw your roll. Traditional rolls are easier to throw to rev than mexi ones. Don't know what kind you throw, but the advice above about edging will prob help more if your throwing mexi-style rolls. Good luck.

jrichard 10-21-2004 8:18 AM

Putien says hi, too. We've taken Cade out on the boat a number of times, but he hasn't been on a board. I doubt he'll do that for a while...he's a cautious guy. I won't push him into it, but I'll love it if he likes going out.

jason_ssr 11-05-2004 1:21 PM

Hey Joe, dont worry about slowing down your rotation, but rather focus on your landing position. When learning a roll to revert, we always try to drop it down on the board flat, like a 180. This will put you on your can every time. You have to come up short and allow yourself to keep your chest out over your toes. When you do it right, it "appears" like you are short and about to take it to the grill, but the edge hits and locks and holds you up on a TS edge. ive done them for years and it still creeps me out sometimes. <BR> <BR>So, when spotting your landing, prepare to come up short where it looks like headache city, you will be suprised as the edge hit and pulls you feet right in under you as you edge away. might have to take one for the team and come up really short before you learn where that sweet spot is. <BR> <BR>Good luck! <BR> <BR>Jason

dakid 11-08-2004 1:40 PM

thanks dude! we're goin' to the delta next weekend...i'll try it then!

malibuboarder75 11-27-2004 6:03 PM

If i dont slow my rotation, then I will overrotate onto my ass. In order to stop this, I try pop first, and then throw the flip. This way I pop straight up and land straight down.

stephan 12-13-2004 4:27 PM

Yeah Joe like Jason said. I do everything the same as a regular roll and let go right at the very end. Really emphasize the fact that you land on your toes. I do this by simply moving the handle slightly to your trailing hip 3/4 of the way through the flip &amp; releasing right as you touch down. As I recall you boost your rolls big, try &amp; take it wake to wake to learn.

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