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09-24-2004 2:08 PM

I know that there are tons of posts on here with this topic but I have a different ?. I originally had trouble landing regular versus revert. I know the way to stop this was to let go with my back hand. Now when I attempt this the handle gets pulled from my front hand and I land perfectly WITHOUT THE ROPE....any ideas?

tparider 09-25-2004 9:03 PM

I'd say take an easier cut - or just cut in progressively, but don't start your cut until you're 8-10 feet out instead of taking a huge cut at it.

09-26-2004 5:36 PM

you could try and keep your back hand and pull it to your front hip more.

10-10-2004 4:33 AM

keith, start your cut from 10ft outside the wake. The cut MUST be a progressive edge. Keep the rope at your hips, holding with BOTH hands. This will give you a nice easy rotation. Also, holding it at your hips should prevent you going to revert. Else, learn to land it revert! way cooler looking trick. <BR> <BR>late

pittsy 10-10-2004 7:48 PM

start as wide as you can, and start a to drift in and increase your edge to build up as much line tension as possible then wait for both of your bindings to go through the wake and then throw the flip and hold the handle with your front hand, as look over your lead shoulder...and ride away.

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