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09-20-2004 7:38 PM

Hey I just bought a 2002 Hyperlite Premier 140 DNA and I am looking to get 2003 Obrien Ion bindings...someone told me they won't fit on that board because it is a Hyperlite and the bindings are Obrien...is this true that one companies bindings won't fit on another companies board??? I am confused and need help..email me at <a href="mailto:hippiy17@aol.com">hippiy17@aol.com</a> with any advice <BR>Thanks

edward 09-20-2004 8:31 PM

to my knowledge they will work

luchog 09-20-2004 8:46 PM

they will work, but you might have to use other type of screws, I think hyperlite inserts are diferent than o'briens, longer or shorter. So your o'briens screws might be not the best choice

09-20-2004 9:17 PM

ok thanks I had gottens ome confusion and recently heard they wouldn't work when I tho it would be ok...but thanks

malibuboarder75 09-20-2004 9:23 PM

just go to the hardware store, they have some 1/2" plastic washers that work perfect.

puckinshat 09-20-2004 10:21 PM

Get bones for your ions, you're gunna want them and they come with 2 sets of screws. Use whichever ones work better. I just got some for my b-day from my gf and my board control has improved a ton overnight. That will be a fat setup too, good luck.

09-21-2004 5:43 AM

ok thanks man

latebloomer 09-21-2004 9:12 AM

what are bones?

puckinshat 09-21-2004 2:38 PM

Terry, <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.wakeside.com/page/W/PROD/wakeboard_hardware/rfc_bones" target="_blank">http://www.wakeside.com/page/W/PROD/wakeboard_hardware/rfc_bones</a>

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