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gobeta 09-20-2004 8:56 AM

Hey all, <BR> I'm currently looking into lakes with nearby airports for future boating/home considerations. I've noticed these two practically have the airport right on the water. Anyone have any comments on either of these two lakes? <BR> <BR>CB

peter_c 09-20-2004 9:21 AM

Trinity all the way! Much bigger lake with more narrower fingers for riding. Trinity also has tons of surrounding forest for fishing, dirt bike riding, and 4 wheel exploring. The lake is more remote, and as you are coming from the bay area (7 hour drive towing) a plane would definetly be the best means of travel. <BR> <BR>Almanor is kinda like a mini Lake Tahoe, though the water is not as clear, and becoming very popular, it too is a very nice lake.

wake_fun 09-20-2004 10:04 AM

Trinity Lake. I've been there the last 3 years for one week vacations each year. Twice we stayed at Wyntoon resort, which is right next to the airport and this year we stayed at Pinewood Cove.

pittsy 09-20-2004 10:20 AM

i have a house on Almanor and it is nice in the morning and at night but most of the day it is rough.You can most always find good water, but you have to search...

gobeta 09-20-2004 5:41 PM

Awesome. Are there houses on the lake at Trinity?

jsan 09-21-2004 9:19 PM

Chris, <BR>Like everywhere else it seems, housing is going up at Trinity. I just looked at a place there that was I believe 1200 square feet on a good size lot in Trinity Center and it was $179K, but down on the lake (actually, the airport) they're getting over $500K. There are other places around the lake though, just not as close to the water. <BR> <BR>I've gone there every year for most of my life, and it's my favorite lake. It can get windy, and I've seen it dry up to a puddle during big droughts, but for the most part it's great. Last year on the 4th of July it was glass all day and hardly any boats. I'd stay to the north end of the lake (Wyntoon, Trinity Center) if you're looking to buy...it's less crowded there and the water is usually better.

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