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daniel_g_smith 09-17-2004 8:26 PM

What are some fun tricks to do that maby i havent thought of. it doesnt have to be a hard trick just somthing that is fun to do, and it wouldent hurt if it was stylish.

alanp 09-17-2004 9:59 PM

fashion air. about as stylish as they come

daniel_g_smith 09-18-2004 7:57 AM

Yeah i hear that i love doing melan 180s ther pretty sweet too

runaway_stapler 09-18-2004 11:25 AM

bunny hop half cab...really fun in glass

malibuboarder75 09-19-2004 6:09 PM

really any trick that you can do wake to wake and looks smooth. Tantrums that you pop straight up, 3's that you pop straight up, and raleys feel really cool. I would say raleys are the most fun to do, just because it feels so normal yet so wierd at the same time and you are just floating for a split second.

projectely4 09-19-2004 7:17 PM

powerslide to bs 180,

edward 09-19-2004 7:36 PM

hs stalefish where that back leg is straight as can be or ts tailgrabs just feel kinda cool. big, slow 180's feel cool and flying around in the whip and layin into a reverse slide and just showering yourself.

thane_dogg 09-20-2004 12:08 PM

grabbed 3's.

toolfan 09-20-2004 12:10 PM

half toeside reverse tantrum......I do it alot. It happens when you go w2w toeside and end up landing on your face. <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/uhoh.gif" border=0>

stephan 09-20-2004 1:22 PM

Thank you Thane!! Amen. Also TS Crail &amp; HS Method. Probably the best is a Method Backroll off the Double up, very smooth.

cdubs 09-20-2004 5:39 PM

Slow grabbed backside 180's off the dub

puckinshat 09-20-2004 6:24 PM

I like the under-rotated front roll landing on your nuts, real fun! But seriously, I really like the feel of a scarecrow.

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