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stephan 09-17-2004 4:20 PM

Hey I want to add a handle pass invert to my bag. I've heard Tootsie rolls are the easiest but I am really interested in learning a moby dick. I have a solid tantrum but I kinda drift it like the start of a moby. How hard is it to get the pass? Would you suggest it off the D-up for the first attempt?

bigjessup 10-01-2004 10:35 PM

Moby is actually really easy, only thing you really need to concentrate on is keeping the handle close to your hips as you cut at the wake. Take a medium cut at the wake(as though you are going to take your tantrum wake-to-wake), flatten out a bit more than normal at the bottom of the wake. As you leave the wake initiate your tantrum, and at the same time pull the handle to the small of your back really hard(getting the handle pass was the hardest part for me) pass it to your rear hand from there the pull of the rope will unwind you, pull the handle across your body to you front hip to complete the full three(I usually get it back into my front hand before I land makes it easier I think).

wakeeater2003 09-30-2005 12:25 PM

Bring your front knee into your chest when you leave the top of the wake. I was landing them sometime before I started doing this but this made the rotation much easier and made the landing a lot softer.

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