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jimbodine 09-16-2004 9:14 PM

just bought a o'brien suspect 136 with freemotion bindings .. I have never boarded in any way .. i am a skiier water and snow and want to switch over .. i herd my face will hurt from all the falls i am going to have the first time .. any tips?

coffindancer 09-16-2004 9:31 PM

I split my head open the very first time I fell. The board came up from behind when I face planted and I had to go get three stiches once I was done for the day. At first i didnt think it was that bad, thought it was just a bump untill about a half hour later when my dad said "hey did you know your bleeding" oh well. My tips are this... Dont give up and if your gonna fall try not to go face first.

cocheese 09-17-2004 7:26 AM

I just switched this season from sking to wakeboarding and it is great. My advice for a fellow skier is don't absorbe the wake with you knees like you do on skies. The thing that helped me the most was to take a gradual cut instead of a hard fast cut like a salom ski. I have seen the light and have found the promise land!

jimbodine 09-17-2004 7:39 AM

thanks guys .. do you know what spped you were pulled at .. everything i read says about 19 mph ? can anyone tell me about my board ?? and also what foot do you put behind you your stong foot or your weak foot.. i throw with my right hand ?? help !!

wakeboard662 09-17-2004 8:11 AM

To find out which foot to put stand with your feet together and have someone push you from behind. Whichever foot you put forward to catch yourself should be your front foot.

jimbodine 09-17-2004 8:19 AM

right i understand that . when i did that and when i did that i caught my self with my right foot ( my strong foot ) but then i was talking to a friend who is a boarder and on his skateboard and snow board hey puts his " strong foot " in the back so now im confused<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/crazy.gif" border=0>

cocheese 09-17-2004 8:29 AM

The foot that you put up front when you salom should be the same foot you put with a wakeboard. The first time i came up, i put my right foot up front. Just don't think about it and your body will tell you.

sk8joe01 09-17-2004 8:55 PM

hop on a skateboard real quick, wat way feels beter? or beter yet go out behind the boat, boat pulls you, you get up, which ever foot you swing out naturally wins. don't worry about it to much, anything you think about to much your are bound to screw up

runaway_stapler 09-18-2004 10:33 AM

Tips for starting: <BR> <BR>stay straight first and foremost. If this requires holding with one hand for a while, then by all means, do it. Eventually learn to ride with both, though. <BR> <BR>if you turn, don't do it like skis. you have to put in your back edge while you turn. it's not just rotating on toop of the water. main point here: keep the edge of your board that is leading OUT of the water. if not, you'll find out why pirates have eye patches pretty quickly. <BR> <BR>19mph or so is ok once you're used to it. if you want to be safe when you start though, you can go a little slower to get more traction when you're riding, because you may feel like you're out of the water too much, and you might fall over more easily when you start at 19mph or so. <BR> <BR>Lastly, you'd better have strong ankles to keep the board from see-sawing side to side like a log rolling in the water. It gets better once you get used to it though. <BR> <BR>Good luck, and happy trails.

fly135 09-18-2004 3:09 PM

Jim, <BR> <BR>When you come up you need to bring the handle to your lead hip so that the board won't slide sideways, catch and edge, and slam your face into the water. <BR> <BR>Think of your arms as springs. Try and bring your elbows to your side at the waist. This will keep the handle low and prevent the rope from leveraging you over forward. The tension on the rope will pull your arms out but use your arms to bring it back in and keep tension on the rope. <BR> <BR>Keep your knees bent and your back slightly arched so that you are never beaking at the waist. If you keep your knees bent, your back arched, and your elbows close to your side with your handle to the leading hip, then you will be in a strong stance to maintain control. Don't worry if you get slack in the rope and don't react to slack by trying to pull back on the rope. If you have a strong stance, when the slack pulls tight it won't pull you over. <BR> <BR>After you get more experience riding then you can relax your stance because you will automatically know how to react to varying conditions. Good luck!

malibususpect 09-18-2004 3:59 PM

jim, <BR>i used to have an obrien suspect and its a good board to learn on i think. it has quite a bit of surface area and is very stable and tracks really well. but its not much of a board to progress on (for me) it just seemed to slow and i had to work too hard for it to do anything. congradulations on the conversion, im sure you will never go back

sandman59 09-18-2004 6:13 PM

The faceplants when wakeboarding do not compare to digging the tip of your ski into the second wake and tumbling across the water surface for 100 feet. I waterskied for years and once I went to wakeboarding, I never went back. Robert is right about absorbing the wake with yours knees, for me that was the hardest thing to learn.

byerly137pro 09-18-2004 6:56 PM

The best thing to remember when getting up is to stay relaxed. Just don't really think to hard, and get worried cause this will just make it harder. Just remember to keep your body really still, not stiff, still, so that you dont topple over the front. Once you see the board pushing water and making white wash, that when you bring you butt to your heels and slowly rise, then you will naturally swing to a comfortable riding stance. Then enjoy the wind in our face, and the love from the ladies from your new found coolness.

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