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dakid 09-16-2004 8:51 PM

1. is it a private lake? <BR> <BR>2. if not, can you take your own boat there? <BR> <BR>3. if so, what days is it open for riding? <BR> <BR>4. what time does the lake close? <BR> <BR>5. how much are launch and/or parking fees? <BR> <BR>6. are season passes available? <BR> <BR>thanks! <BR> <BR>(Message edited by dakid on September 16, 2004)

dwe 09-17-2004 6:55 AM

Joe, <BR> <BR>Irvine Lake is mainly a fishing lake, no riding for the general public. Cutting Edge runs their ski/boarding school on the lake, but other than that your out of luck at Irvine. The lake is less than 10 min. away for me, I always wanted to have access there. <BR> <BR>David

jbjboc 09-17-2004 9:37 AM

Days of operation.... <BR>Sun/Mon/Weds/Thursday open 4 pm till dark <BR>All day on Tuesdays <BR>Private lake for fishing only <BR>Cutting Edge has the only rights to ski/ wakeboard, and it costs I believe around 800 per day. Only fee's are the Cutting Edge ski school fee of 45 for 20 minutes- 135 an hour. This includes instructor as well <BR> <BR>There's been a group looking to place a cable park in OC. Not sure of the status of thier efforts though..........

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