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dmkhnr 09-16-2004 4:30 PM

My 05 Premier 136 showed up today. <BR>I read somthing about the 05 HL's coming with a new Bio 2 core, but hadn't seen anything published at the Manf. or online sales, so I figured my Premi was going to be the regular Biolite. <BR>Well I opened the box, and much to my surprise it does in fact have the Bio 2 core (says Bio 2 on the board) Who's got info on this new process? <BR>thanks, <BR>DK

e_smooth 09-16-2004 4:46 PM

Its not as exiting as you think hyperlite used to do a core called fusion, Its the same thing as biolite but its made over seas so the formula is diffrent and they started using it more as more of there manufacturing moves over seas its sad but what are you going to do.

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