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gwnkids 09-14-2004 9:46 PM

My kids just started at APU in Azusa. Has anyone been to Puddingstone early am week days? Her first class is at 10am MWF so 6 to 9 may be?

teamvaldez 09-15-2004 8:12 AM

Puddingstone is a local lake that they used to have boat races on. It should be fine in the early hours but gets whipped up by PWCs after that. I am not sure about the rules on the lake, like I said, havn't been there in years, just see it on the way to Raging Waters.

iewc 09-21-2004 5:19 PM

Rules for puddingston; Boats are only allowed on even days of the week during from like april through october. No motoring over 12 mph before 10 am. So it may not work for early morning sets before class.

gwnkids 09-21-2004 5:38 PM

Good info, I just went by today and got all of the rules. 35MPH is ok only in the triangle "speed zone" they open at 6:30 am. We are going to give it a try on Friday.

dakid 09-21-2004 6:45 PM

please let us know what the lake is like. a friend and i are looking for a good (close) lake to ride during the week. <BR> <BR>thanks!

rodmcinnis 09-22-2004 3:23 PM

Oh, my gawd! This brings back memories! <BR> <BR>Puddingstone (or puddlestone as I liked to call it) was the lake I first learned to water ski on 37 years ago! <BR> <BR>The joke (which unfortunately was not that far off) was that if you got tired while skiing you could just sit down on the bow of the boat coming up behind you! <BR> <BR>I haven't even seen that lake in 30 years, but the last time I was there it was even more unfriendly to skiing. I doubt that you would be able to find reasonable water.

iewc 09-22-2004 5:24 PM

Bryan. Hey, do you know if they changed the speed rule to allow boating before 10 am? If so that would be awesome and i would love to come ride with you from time to time, or even trade rides. Even if they didnt maybe some afternoons? From expereince you can also go afternoons, as long as there isnt more than 1 other comp boat or 2-3 other boats in the triangle. For the best water stay to the left side going south and the right going east. Also go as far east as you can before turing (this is the best water as you will have the least amount of backwash and self created rollers.) Joe, its decent during the week, as long as you <BR> Geoff

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