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sonicr1 09-12-2004 1:22 PM

Well I went out and did it... I didn't really care which board I got, cuz I knew nothing, so I got a landlock. Tried it yesterday and loved it... I couldn't "surf" it, but I am hooked. I was behind an 01 X-star, with only stock ballast and 3 people in it. I think behind my X-10 I will be able to build a bigger wake. Any tips that I can get for building a wake, and technique are appreciated. <BR> <BR>I tried getting up like real surfing, lying on the board at first. When that didn't work, I tried putting my feet on it under water, and I popped right up. <BR> <BR>This is definately no replacement for wakeboarding, or real surfing... it did make me want to go surfing again (haven't in years since I moved to the stinkin valley).

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