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09-11-2004 5:24 PM

just started boarding this summer i im ok on my w2w have a ts 180 and just learned surface 360, whats next? <BR>thanksi in advance

wake_eater 09-12-2004 8:37 AM

maybe try some grabs? whatever you feel up to---nothing ventured, nothing gained!

09-13-2004 1:06 PM

ts w2w, hs 180s, ts and hs 180s w2w, ts or hs 3's

05-31-2005 10:06 PM

so if i can do W2W 180's i should start on my 360s?

big_b 11-03-2005 11:27 AM

Definitely. i actually think that the 3 is easier than the 180 though. i learned the 360 way before i even attempted the 180.

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