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08-31-2004 7:25 PM

I've been riding since May this year, and I'm feeling pretty comfortable. I can almost land a h/s b/s 360, just haven't had much time to work on it. I'm not sure if I'm ready to try a backroll. I was wondering what level of riding everyone else what at before you all tried your first invert?

08-31-2004 8:48 PM

grabs, big 180's, if you know how to get good pop ur pretty much set. Also if u practice it on a trampoline it REALLY HELPS. Good luck

08-31-2004 9:09 PM

flips are just one of those things you just have to try and see how close you can get. the thing that will help the most is consistent w2w jumps and being able to crank them out into the flats. because if you have a good edge into the backroll you should get it around good. though this could be just complete bullsht because i could ts frontroll good before hs backroll. just depends on you i guess. hopefully this was somewhat helpful.

harryhog 09-01-2004 7:24 AM

if ure doin hs bs 3's then go for it, thats a difficult tric, so if u've got that after only a few months u should really push ure self. u might have the talent so go for it. <BR> <BR>i didn't try for about a year, but thats cause i was bein a pussy. if ure getting decent w2w u should go for it.

09-06-2004 8:36 PM

i got my hs and ts w2w jumps good and then hs and ts 180's w2w and then got ts 3's and then tryed a couple of backrolls and then learned hs 3's and got both of my 3's consistant and now i'm really workin on the backroll and gettin close.

09-07-2004 11:26 AM

backroll is easier than a 3'!!! <BR> <BR>(my opinion) <BR> <BR> <BR>just try it.... <BR> <BR>greets from austria!

09-07-2004 4:00 PM

i thought u were crazy at first but then i thought about how long it took to get my 3's and i've tried 8 backrolls and almost gettin them so u might be right.

09-08-2004 2:25 AM

i first started to try the 3'! <BR>2 weeks later i started my first backroll attempt and after the 12th attempt I was able to land them constantly!! <BR> <BR>And many many attempts later I landed the first 3'! but I'm still not able to do it constantly!! <BR> <BR> <BR>greets from austria!! <BR>

big_b 11-08-2005 11:11 AM

you don't need someone else's opinion. just do what you think you can do, and if you think you cant do it, do it anyway.

atlsackedup 11-09-2005 3:03 PM

I second what Brad says here. I think so much of wakeboarding is just having the balls to try something. So give it a shot, you'd be suprised how close you can come to getting it. Then you just dial it in from there.

brick 11-29-2005 9:14 AM

I avoided the trick for too long. I was amazed that I landed the backroll in less than 10 attempts. It is a very natural feeling trick, in my opinion, that requires very little effort. The line will do all the work for you. <BR> <BR>I disagree with the use of the trampoline for learning a backroll. I think the trampoline encourages you to "huck" the trick. On the water, it is all about edging. <BR> <BR>Try it, I think you will find it a lot easier than 3s. Plus, I found the falls a lot less painful than the 3s.

11-29-2005 11:21 AM

Wow, I've forgotten that I even posted this a long time ago. I've since done a whole lot with wakeboarding, and I would definitely agree that the backroll feels natural. Tim, you're right, I never really thought about how someone would "huck" the trick like on a trampoline. I've never tried it on a trampoline, but there's definitely none of that motion on the water.

nickdakoolkat 12-29-2005 9:21 PM

with inverts, its all about getting over your fear of being upside down....just edge in and huck it how you think it should be done, then make adjustments from there after you should get a feel for how it should be done.....I must say the first time that you invert (not even necessarily landing it) it is one of the most awesome feelings in the world.

thedocta 01-30-2006 9:28 PM

Tried back rolls and tantrums on my 3rd or 4th time out...ever. Didnt land one till later that summer behind my small I/O boat...no tower or pylon or sacs. I could land grabs but no w2w spins at all so your better off than me. Jus go for it whats the worst that could happen

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