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boofhead 08-23-2004 3:02 AM

Currently on a 140 motive, but iam on the larger side for it. Just wondering what size to go for with the temet, 138 or 142? Ive heard the board is kinda heavy as well is that true? <BR> <BR>Also why do they list wakeboards in cms? I thought you americans didnt go for the metric system much?

boofhead 08-23-2004 8:39 AM


uga33 08-23-2004 9:46 AM

Rich, I just bought a Temet 142 DNA from Glass and Powder board shop. I weigh about 185lbs. I tend to like the bigger boards alot better.

mpayette 09-16-2004 9:01 PM

I weight 200 lbs and I have a Temet 04 142 BIO <BR>Yes it is a bit heavy but great board

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