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wakeboardgurl86 08-18-2004 2:02 PM

I just moved to Orlando from North Carolina. I was looking to wakeboard with someone. If anyone needs an extra person let me know. Shoot me an email at <a href="mailto:Kara@glassandpowder.com">Kara@glassan dpowder.com</a> <BR> <BR>Kara

fly135 08-18-2004 2:14 PM

Kara, you should definitely check out OWC. Unfortunately the hurricane has shut them down for at least a couple of weeks. I enjoy riding the cable so much that I haven't used my boat since last year. Although it looks like I'll be using it for the next few weeks.

timmy 08-18-2004 2:24 PM

my boy chase is lookin for people to ride in clermont. look him up on here he made a post not too long ago

fly135 08-18-2004 3:50 PM

Update.... OWC will have one cable and the boat operating this Friday.

offaxisspin900 08-18-2004 4:11 PM

Yea Kara I go and ride sometimes outside of Ride The Spot with my friend Danny Thollander. We just chill and ride on the weekends or whatever. Shoot me an email if your interested. I used to coach with a kid from up where you used to live who rode for glass and powder. <a href="mailto:JDNWAKEBOARDER@hotmail.com">JDNWAKEBO ARDER@hotmail.com</a>

wakeriderixi 08-18-2004 9:44 PM

iblackhasi <-- Kevin, one of my best friends lives in Orlando. He sometimes posts on here, he goes to OWC alot and out with some pros. Good guy if you meet up with him.

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