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spinsir 08-17-2004 1:10 PM

what song is played when Drew McGuckin starts riding?...the one just after the hair dresser segment?

nj_alex 08-18-2004 8:20 PM

Right after the hair dresser segment is a short interview, and the music playing during that interview is from the movie soundtrack of "Fire Walk with Me" and the name of the song is "Montage from Twin Peaks" and that part of the montage that's playing during the interview is called "Girl Talk" <BR> <BR>The music playing while Drew is riding? I do not know.

spinsir 08-19-2004 4:32 PM

thanks for the post...i just can't figure out who does that song. i figured it would be in the end credits but i can't find it. anyone else know? thanks Alex for the try!

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